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    If you'd like to see this guide please post here, after five posts I WILL write the guide exclusively for CB even though I'm sure is on here somewhere lol.

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    02-09-09 10:11 PM
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    Why 5? Just post it.
    02-09-09 10:39 PM
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    post please
    02-09-09 10:49 PM
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    Okay will do first thing in the morning also with proof/pics/vid.

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    02-09-09 11:08 PM
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    Any problems/damages that may/could occur, are not my responsibility, you take your own risk in following these directions.

    Step 1: Program your blackberry for alltel
    Step 1a: type ##000000 into your blackberry then push the green call key.
    Step 1b: Change the mdn (mobiler directory number) to your phone number, same with msi_s

    Step 1c: change mobile country code to 311, mobile network code to 27.
    Step 1d:scroll down until you see sip user id, change it to <yourphonenumberhere>@bb.alltel.net and the password is alltel.

    Now hit menu -> save, your blackberry will restart.

    Step 2: this is the fun part updating the roaming.
    You will need to download qPST from here: QPST 2.7 build 215 Direct Download | Menekali
    Run BDM, then run qpst configuration, once in qpst config, click the ports tabs, press add a port, and add com5 and com 6.
    then go up to start clients -> service programming, hit okay once it opens, should detect your blackberry device. hit okay again. Hit read from phone button (lower left hand corner of service programming) hit okay on the spl.
    then go to the roaming tab, press browse and choose your prl: i used this one: http://corolada.com/prl/alltel/40029.prl.

    then click write to phone and press okay through the 2 popups.

    pick up your device, and dial *228 press 3.
    then dial *228 again and press 2.

    Voila you should have data and yes you can still use the request service books, etc.
    You caqn still update, and request service books.
    But make sure on your alltel line you have the blackberry service on your account or data will not work.
    You will have a VZW email, because you;'re going through verizon's portion of bis.

    If you need help, send me a pin message, or through bbim.
    02-10-09 08:42 AM
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    This will also work for spcs bb's.
    02-12-09 08:32 AM
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    I tried to add com5 and com6 and and it says there was an error enabling Com5 the port may not be working properly or may be busy.
    02-01-11 01:04 AM
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    I get the same error!

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    02-07-11 05:19 PM