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    I'm currently on a Verizon family plan (RAZR) and am considering switching to the Curve on AT&T. Would I be able to switch my cell number over to the Curve but still keep my phone but with a new number? Would there be charges?

    Also, if a Curve were to come out soon for Verizon, could I upgrade my phone even though I'm still on a family plan?

    I'd rather not leave Verizon since I've had such reliable service but I don't mind switching to AT&T since I know a lot of people in my area who have had no complaints. Also is it true that AT&T usually gets the latest Blackberrys? I may just switch so I can get the latest RIM technology.

    01-21-08 07:36 PM
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    yes, you should be able to "port" your number from Verizon to AT&T. Talk to AT&T about doing this before cancelling your Verizon number.
    01-21-08 07:39 PM
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    AT&T has a tendency to get the latest BB's since their network using something called GSM (Global Standard Mobile). This network uses SIM cards in the phones, so its easy to switch between phones. The Verizon network uses something called CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). In this setup, there is no SIM card for the phone, and each phone must be activated onto the network by hand. Most BB's are initially made for GSM, so it takes time for them to be converted to CDMA, and then tested to work on CDMA. At some point in the future, I can see Verizon going to GSM but it would be 3-4 years down the road. So yes, in theory, AT&T & T-Mobile (who also have a GSM network) have a tendency to get the newest BB's faster. The one thing to watch is, if I remember correctly, the AT&T data stream for web browsing and the likes I think is EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates GSM Evolution) is currently what AT&T is using for data to their BB's. Their data speed is going to be slower than Verizon which is using EV-DO (Evolution, Data Optimized or Data Only) which is considerably faster. In essence, its 50/50. You rob Peter to pay Paul. You can have the newer phones with the slower data, or you can have a little older phone in that series with faster data. Apparently, you can't have both at once.
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    01-22-08 06:12 AM
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    chair -

    i was also looking at the curve, but already w/ verizon. finally started looking at the pearl. that's what i have now and LOVE it. verizon's service, coverage, and data speed are great. suretype is no big deal. i like the smaller size, too. plus a good camera. worth giving a look, for sure. good luck!
    01-22-08 09:29 AM