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    So I was just on the phone talking to Verizon about why my contract end date was changed. They didn't even research it and said we can put you put right now abd given an upgrade. So I am now on a month by month base. So with me with my pearl and happy. I will stay where I am at for now or do I change. With possible rumors of the curve coming. Hmm what to do....

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    01-22-08 07:04 PM
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    good things and all that...

    01-22-08 07:14 PM
  3. John Yester's Avatar
    yeah I guess now it's a waiting game....
    01-23-08 09:10 AM
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    Hang on, you're out of contract and they still gave you the NE2 price without re-upping your 2 year contract? So that means when (if) the curve comes out you'll get that at a discount as well?

    Im askin because I'm in the same boat as well - out of contract and haven't used my NE2 upgrade yet.
    01-23-08 09:31 AM
  5. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    So what exactly did happen to your contract? Are you saying that you recently signed back up a few months ago, but all of a sudden their system fudged and showed like your contract was up? Elaborate please.
    01-23-08 09:57 AM
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    I will post a good write up later, getting busy at work... no time right now...
    01-23-08 11:31 AM
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    Okay, sorry it took so long, my (mother in-law) is having surgery today and I have allot on my plate working and doing station house stuff, we were migrating our server over to a new one.

    So anyways, some were asking via pm and on this thread on how and what caused it to happen.

    Well I will try not to make it a long story..

    Let start this way. Back in August 2006 or some where around there. I was eligible for an upgrade for NE2. That device was the E815 I think, then many devices after that, including the Q and regular cell phones.. So now Up to this year..

    September 2007, after my wifes and I got back from the honeymoon, got married in August. She was up for the upgrade. I at that time still had time on my device which was the Motorola Maxx VE. So we headed down and she finally got a device she like. The Chocolate 8550. So looking around I wanted a new one also. So I paid full retail for the device and she upgraded. Also at that time we both went on a family share plan, which ya you save a little, but just this past December we switched back to single plans, (on a family share plan only the primary line can upgrade..) Which sucks so that is why we changed, so we can both get NE2. So back to the upgrading part of the story. So they got us all setup and we went home. Now I must stated that they only renewed her phone and contract I was like Jo blow that was just buying a device and not renewing anything.. She was the only one.Maybe the screw up was with both account merged and they rolled over the contract date, but they said it should revert back when we split the plans.. Which it did not..so, after about a week I couldnt get used to the device and took it back. I missed my Q when I had it but had major problem with the device, and left the PDA phone life for a while. So I missed it that I wanted it back.. Decided to try blackberry, which my father has also.. So I got the 8830WE, which sucked. Device has low ringer by default, I should not have to edit ringtones to make them louder. Anyways. Long sotry about the GPS thing also. Files a complaint with my atterny General office and got setup with the pearl after a settlement. Which included other perks.

    Now to the present day, I went online to pay my bill and saw that now we were changed over to our individual plans which went intop effect in the end of December I noticed that my upgrade counter was reset and now showed 9/18/2009 and my contract date showed the same.

    So called Verizon about it and asked why it was like that. They investigated and told me that something was not right.. They said it would take up to a week to get it fixed and a follow up call. So I hung up and kept thinking its not rightSo I called back and spoke with a person about the info.. She said hmmm and huh. Okay well since we can not look back and figure out what happened and last time you upgraded, and we do show all you previous devices were full retail or exchanges for warrenty We will reset your counter and you can upgrade today. As for your contract which doesnt seem right either We will reset that as well. As of today your our out of contract and on a month by month basis..

    So I said thank you and hung up..

    No I plan on holding on to my upgrade and possibly getting the curve if it ever comes to Verizon, but not sure when and how long I can keep the NE2 just sitting there. Does it expire.

    Month by month is nice, I like the pearl and its working great, but if the curve does come to Verizon should I wait for a bit to see how the device works for others then get it

    I paid full retail/ exchanged and with all the action over the 8830WE device and Verizon.. I am happy where I am at But would really like to know is it worth holding out.. March others are saying I dont believe it. Mostly May or June I also heard..

    So there you have it..

    01-25-08 01:51 PM
  8. John Yester's Avatar
    Still waiting.... lol
    01-30-08 09:48 AM
  9. Gibralter's Avatar
    Great story. I especially liked and wanna hear more about the GPS, attorney general, and perks you seem to have landed

    As for being out of contract and month to month, that is awesome. You have power back and i'm sure it's feeling good. AS for the NE2, keep it until the handset you want comes out, especially if it is the curve. Your NE2 wont run out by then and you should be good to go. That's what i did with the Pearl. Was outta contract and ended up getting it for $50 (NE2 credit - Advanced data discount = Happy Gib )

    Kudos to CC at verizon for not just stickin' it to you but actually fixing the mistake in your benefit. Muy Bueno.
    01-30-08 10:59 AM
  10. John Yester's Avatar
    Still Waiting....... On Curve.......
    02-10-08 08:36 PM
  11. pgregory's Avatar
    I'm leaning toward the pearl but deep down want the curve...decisions decisions..
    02-11-08 08:42 AM
  12. flyingnome's Avatar
    That's what i did with the Pearl. Was outta contract and ended up getting it for $50 (NE2 credit - Advanced data discount = Happy Gib )
    Just did the same exact process this week....but told them I was switching to sprint unless they gave it to me free...they wanted 50$ online......obviously with the "out of contract" power, they conceded and I now have a free pearl.

    Could have, and should have waited for the curve, but my old phone was horrendous and couldn't take it anymore.
    02-12-08 07:13 PM