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    on every previous phone that I had, when I sent a text message a check mark would appear next to the message meaning that it was successfully sent. And when their deviced RECEIVED it, not necessarily OPENED it, a "D" would appear next to the check mark indicating that the message had successfully been delivered.

    Now with the iPhone I can count about 10 instances already (within 3 weeks) where I have sent a text message and then I have never received a response for him/her. I asked why they had not responded and they told me that they did not receive a text from me and proved that to me by showing me their cell phone.

    any way i can set this on the iphone or a code or app
    04-08-11 11:21 AM
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    I'm a bit confused from your post on who has what. You are on a Verizon BB or Verizon iPhone? Who isn't receiving the texts - folks only on Verizon iPhones? What do you show as the delivery status on your BB or iPhone - delivered or not delivered?

    And I'm guessing this is you - SMS Delivery Report? - Page 2 - Verizon Wireless Community - same question. I don't think the Verizon guy responded properly unless Verizon has again disabled delivery notification like they did once in the past.
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