1. soxforce's Avatar
    Hi all, I am planning on upgrading my regular Verizon phone to a BBCurve. I currently text about 200 texts/month. I understand the $29.99 data plan that I must agree to for a new BB.

    My question is - does sending regular emails count as a text, or are they covered under the $29.99 fee? For example, I send a text to a friend like normal and it counts as a text. Then I go and check an AOL account and send a reply email, does this count as a text or is it covered "for free" under the data plan? I am pretty sure simply reading the AOL account is covered under the $29.99.

    Also, are there any other services covered with the $29.99 data plan we have to pay for? Checking weather, or websites, downloading games?

    01-16-09 08:28 AM
  2. gcastilloo's Avatar
    Sending emails doesn't count towards your text messages. Emails are included in the data plan. I'll let you know however that I found myself texting more and really using the heck out of my curve. I ended up going to unlimited text, unlimited data, and stuff and found that I didn't need as many talk minutes as I had so I just scaled down my talk minutes.
    01-16-09 09:03 AM
  3. ryaadk3484's Avatar
    E-mails are not considered text messages, any sort of texts will count including stuff like Yahoo Messenger or other chat clients. Data plan covers all Web Browsing, weather checking, etc..that you are using your browser for. you can download games all you want....if you are looking to tether then you would need to upgrade the data package.
    01-16-09 09:03 AM