1. rezendesn's Avatar
    hey i have a storm 1 right now, and friday verizon is coming out with the droid eris from HTC..

    can i simply just switch my SIM card from my storm to the HTC Droid Eris?
    11-01-09 10:09 PM
  2. Jim from NW Pa's Avatar
    no. it doesnt work like that... you will have to call in to change it, and have your data plan changed
    11-01-09 10:13 PM
  3. digitard's Avatar
    Verizon doesn't use a SIM card. The one that's in your Storm is for international roaming.

    Verizon uses the CDMA side of the phone, and the programming hard programmed (aka you or the OTA system put it in the phone directly) and the verification is ESN/MEID based.
    11-01-09 11:25 PM