1. lucho78's Avatar
    with my verizon storm 1 i took out the verizon sim card and it still works i thought it needed the sim card to work am i wrong someone explain please thanks
    11-10-09 09:56 AM
  2. blue_and_bold's Avatar
    With Verizon their system runs off of the esn number of the phone not the SIM.
    With Verizon their SIM cards are used exclusively Global use.
    11-10-09 09:59 AM
  3. just txt and calls mam's Avatar
    As blue said

    because Verizon works on the cdma system that is your actual sim but it's a built in type

    the gsm removable sim is for those who could travel over sea's and want to avoid roaming/oversea phone cost's and so use a sim local to that country for that country calls only
    11-10-09 10:13 AM