07-23-08 12:11 AM
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  1. Gavihn's Avatar
    With all that Verizon screws you out of by disabling features on the phone. Is it worth it? Should I just wait until I move to a larger city, not sure when that will be, and switch to a better carrier? ATT doesn't have coverage at all where I work, which I know is 35mins east of what I live, but right now I can't help that.
    07-16-08 04:36 PM
  2. seipmoney's Avatar
    I Was Gonna Say Att With The Bb Is Great But If They Dont Supply Service Then....your Kinda Sol
    07-16-08 04:40 PM
  3. 49ways's Avatar
    Yes, you should get a Curve. Every carrier is not for everyone, so just find the one that best suits your needs. I'm pretty sure the VZW people are happy with their Curves.
    07-16-08 04:43 PM
  4. Gavihn's Avatar
    They are probably "somewhat" happy. ATT would be the way to go, if I didn't work in Marion.
    07-16-08 04:48 PM
  5. 49ways's Avatar
    They are probably "somewhat" happy. ATT would be the way to go, if I didn't work in Marion.
    Is that Marion, SC?
    07-16-08 04:52 PM
  6. c_stanley's Avatar
    id get a curve makes typing so much easier you could never type on a normal phone keyboard again, it makes me fustrated typing on a normal phone now
    07-16-08 04:53 PM
  7. uncheels23's Avatar
    **** ya i love my curve !!!
    07-16-08 04:54 PM
  8. oliva333's Avatar
    Yeah get that Curve. Verizon service is good. Yeah its a pain in the **** that they mess with the GPS but as far as coverage and speed. Go for it.

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    07-16-08 07:37 PM
  9. V3NZ3L's Avatar
    I'm very happy with my VZW service... It sucks they disable GPS but it could be worse. Coverage is the most important thing.

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    07-16-08 09:08 PM
  10. jenaywins's Avatar
    96MB of memoury..... The simple answer? Yup.

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    07-16-08 09:13 PM
  11. Gavihn's Avatar
    Is that Marion, SC?
    Close. Marion, NC. I live in Asheville, NC
    07-16-08 09:17 PM
  12. Calderon's Avatar
    You won't be disappointed that's for sure.
    07-16-08 09:26 PM
  13. Gavihn's Avatar
    I am starting to think I don't really "need" one. I am either:

    1) at work (internet there)
    2) at home (internet on the couch where I am right now)
    3) in the car (can't really use it while driving safely)

    So I don't really have time to use it. Plus I don't get that many emails. For example, today I didn't get one single work related email. The others I didn't really care about either.

    It could be a fun toy for sure.
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    07-16-08 09:32 PM
  14. jidx's Avatar
    Get it, you wont regret it!
    07-16-08 09:42 PM
  15. Gavihn's Avatar
    But why? If I have internet that often with me, why would I need it? Especially if I don't get that many emails, text that many people. Mostly my current phone just sits there idle 90-95% of the time.
    07-16-08 09:43 PM
  16. 49ways's Avatar
    Well, it is a fun toy. I have the internet at home and at work, but I still use the BB also. Besides the internet, it's fun to download ringers, games, applications, wallpaper, set reminders for you, etc. It makes a great conversation piece.

    Nice hat in your avatar by the way!
    07-17-08 06:56 AM
  17. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Go With The Curve!!!
    07-17-08 08:03 AM
  18. Gavihn's Avatar
    Nice hat in your avatar by the way!
    Oh yea, I love the hat!
    07-17-08 08:06 AM
  19. lockerc18's Avatar
    Don't get it. If you even have to ask the question "Should I?", then you don't really want it, anyway.

    Sir Edmund Hillary was right. When asked "Why did you get your Blackberry Curve?", he said "Because it's there."

    Or something like that.
    07-17-08 08:07 AM
  20. Gavihn's Avatar
    For business, at this current moment and job I don't see a need. I can picture myself posting on Twitter and sending PIN messages to people on the forums. Could be a great way to make friends.

    07-17-08 08:09 AM
  21. Gavihn's Avatar
    August 14th...$196 and some change. That's what it is going to cost me. Gah..Why can't it be August 14th. I've tried everyway I can think of to get one sooner with no luck.
    07-20-08 06:02 PM
  22. Fubarberry89's Avatar
    You seriously will not be disappointed. With verizon or the Curve.
    07-21-08 08:27 PM
  23. Gavihn's Avatar
    I am disappointed with Verizon as far as the way they run their business and being so greedy. As far as coverage though, that's why I am with them plus most of the people I know are on Verizon thus free-calls.
    07-21-08 09:59 PM
  24. asylvia's Avatar
    def get the vzw curve. i love it.
    07-21-08 10:00 PM
  25. Gavihn's Avatar
    That's what I'm getting. Waiting to see if I get to keep my job. We are doing lay-offs at work and they are doing more this coming Friday. If that happens to me I won't be able to afford a Curve or the monthly data plan.
    07-21-08 11:42 PM
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