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    OK, I am new to this type of forum.

    VZW customer now with Alltel phone and plan.

    I know what PRL's are...to an extent. Have done the *228 thing under Alltel different times. Under VZW its different. Can't figure out how to commit after its done updating.

    Also have been told you can put a VZW prl in an Alltel phone. What little Ive read on here says opposite. So whats the scoop. My personal openion....since Alltel is VZW, what difference does it make?

    04-07-10 10:38 PM
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    Welcome amo1977, you can update the PRL the same as Alltel, press *228 and select option one to program a phone and option 2 to update the roaming. If you are in a converted market, they may need to push a hybrid prl to you so you can still register off the Alltel towers there. If you fully converted over to VZW, then a standard prl update should be fine. The difference in PRL between Alltel and VZW is going to make a big difference in service, if you are in a Alltel area and using a VZW prl, you may have poor signal because the closest VZW tower may be miles away and you are surrounded by Alltel towers and vice versa, causing poor signal or no signal at all. Hope this helps.
    04-08-10 11:32 AM
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    Heres the deal. Before VZW bought Alltel, Alltel was going to put a tower up right beside a US Cell tower. Well that was 2 years ago now. Was wanting to get a VZW PRL or even a US Cell PRL into my phone. I live 10 miles from the US Cell tower and 30 miles from 3 Alltel towers. I live in a town of 300 people and its very, very rural so I doubt that "corprate" america gives a rats crap about us and won't put one up. Thing is if VZW has/had an agrement with US Cell for roaming, I cant see what it would hurt to have a VZW PRL in my Alltel phone.

    You say about pulling off VZW prl when next to Alltel towers? If they own the Alltel towers their shouldn't be any roaming.....right? So why cant you use the Alltel towers then? I mean I can understand if your paying a fee to company X why it wouldn't work, but if you are company X who cares.
    04-08-10 08:47 PM
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    Are you on a VZW plan or Alltel plan?
    04-08-10 10:07 PM
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    He's on an Alltel plan, doesn't want to switch over yet.

    The ~former or whatever Alltel towers are that distance away, and coverage is quite poor. US Cellular is the only other CDMA provider in the area, the tower there is basically new. He is hearing that people switching to Verizon are getting better service. Basically it would be nice if it would roam to the US Cell tower, if Verizon has a roaming agreement with them. I did not personally look that up yet. Their coverage map is -greatly- exaggerated in their favor, but it looks like it has to include that US tower in their map. Didn't know if it would be possible under the Alltel plan.
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    04-08-10 11:04 PM
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    Which device are you wanting to put it on? You may be able to get the Verizon PRL instead of the hybrid one?
    04-09-10 01:46 PM
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    I believe it is a Motorola KRZR if I remember right (KRZR, not RZR).

    Thanks for helping him out.
    04-09-10 05:42 PM
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    Thanks "wheeler view"!

    Ya its a KRZR. Went through a town that was a "roll back market" At that corperate store she said that they are giving PRL's to customers to improve coverage. Since Im a VZW customer she couldn't touch my phone let alone look anything up. So went bout 12 miles out of my way to a VZW corperate store. Kid that grew up in my home town waited on me and he said that Id have to go with VZW phone and plan. No clue about contract.

    As of now I have no contract, and free upgrade (no need for insureance), like the phone and VZW don't offer Razors or Krzr, really don't want to pay more $ for service that I should be able to recieve! I could understand if I wanted a PRL from a competator.

    Does VZW own these "roll back markets"? The gal said that they are treated as seperate companies. I understand FTC wanting to regulate monopoly and all, but WTF its the same dad gum company.

    Guess I don't understand if VZW can do it in a roll back market why cant they do it for a loyal customer that started when it was Nebraska Cellular back in 1997! I cant see FTC having anything to do with regulating the roll back markets. VZW is doing this to keep the customers in these markets and making the rest of us pay for their aquisition of Alltel! Im bull headed enough Ill switch if thats the case!

    There's a lot of people around here that aren't very happy with the sisuation. Ive even talked to people in the Omaha area and are very dissatisifed with VZW. They were just like me and got "converted" over. Worked for a while. Then have trouble and get a VZW phone with Alltel plan and service sucks, yet Alltel phones with plan are good untill the last 2 weeks and then Alltel service has sucked. Im sure they wont maintain the towers and make us switch to either VZW or their compitition.

    When your in an area that your school system has a whole 250 kids if you complain to "corperate america" its about like pissing into the wind!

    Thanks for your info.

    Thanks for the insight.
    04-09-10 08:54 PM
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    Dont mean to be rude.......but how did you stumble into the blackberry/smartphone forum if all you want is a basic phone? No desire for a BB or droid at all?
    04-10-10 09:56 AM
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    No biggie, not super great on finding lots of forums. Found this one and thought what the heck Id try it. The only thing I don't like about a Black Berry is the buttons are too small for me.

    If there is a better forum that can help me out better that you know of please by all means let me know and Ill check that out instead.
    04-10-10 12:21 PM
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    Also browsed through here and seen a thread on PRL and they were talking about VZW.

    Guess I thought Id try here and see what happened. You guys seam to know what your talking about.
    04-10-10 08:35 PM
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    Some good facts:

    The stores that are still branded as Alltel are owned by a trust, not by VZW, so they have absolutely no control over them. So even though your phone still says Alltel on it, your service is provided by VZW. For you, going to one of those stores is like going into T-mobile and asking them for assistance. The trust keeping the same name makes it confusing.

    Some Alltel markets are in "holdback" which means VZW wants them, they just need to be approved. They are still held by the trust for the time being, though.


    A prl not only determines roaming, but its other main function is to determine which towers your phone "sees"

    Though VZW and Alltel have merged the network merger isn't completed yet, which can effect service in some select areas.

    An Alltel device can only be sent an Alltel prl (which has a mix of Alltel and VZW towers in it)

    A VZW phone on an Alltel plan can only have a VZW prl (which is a mix of Alltel and VZW towers, too)

    A VZW phone on a VZW plan for a customer who's converted from Alltel is eligible for a hybrid prl (same mix, but in an prioritized order that is different from either the VZW or Alltel standard prl) In some former Alltel markets this can greatly improve the experience. (Not 100% of the time.)
    04-11-10 09:32 AM
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    thanks for the info
    04-12-10 09:47 PM
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    Talked to VZW today. They sent me a "hybrid" PRL. Well that PRL was the one that I had when I did *228. They said not to do that anymore or I will lose the one they pushed to me. Well thats the one I got before I asked them. So I called them and talked to them again. The guy said he didn't know why but they couldn't get the Alltel phone to roam on VZW towers. They use CDMA so what gives?

    Any way the guy wanted to give me a VZW phone. I siad why would I want to do that, when I can get the phone I want and plan for the same price from US Cell. They are the ones that I want to roam off of anyway. I told him Id switch companies before Id switch to something that I don't want and should be getting provided. Ive been with the "origonal" company since 1997!

    Then he said that they did have some motorola phones. Said that he would give me a free phone, with free upgrade, and same Alltel plan. Forgot to ask about contract. Said he could get me a Motorola W775. Didn't have a RAZR or KRZR. Looking around tonight, I see you can get a VZW KRZR though. Says free after rebate to VZW and Sprint customers. Thought maybe the W775 was an update to the KRZR.

    I know these aren't "smart" phones. Just posting here cause I got several buddies that have been following this. Felt lazy and just wanted to type once I guess.

    Anybody have info on quality or durability of the W775?

    04-16-10 09:15 PM