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    Hello All!

    I know that some carriers have their ringtone applications that they offer with their regular phones included on their BB's also (i.e. AT&T has their AT&T mall available for BB's so it's not necessary to find a 3rd party ringtone app unless you just chose to).

    However, Verizon does not inlcude their's with their BB's as of now (used to use the VZ Deluxe Tones with my RAZR V3m) . So I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a ringtone application that I can download that is free to download or at least has a trial run?
    12-31-07 10:59 AM
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    First off I want to say sorry that no one has replied to you until now, Usally something like this would have been answered pretty quick! No VZW does not offer this right now. Tho there is a simple answer to this question and it is simply go HERE.
    Hope this helps!

    01-03-08 10:24 PM
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    01-04-08 08:00 AM
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    thank you!
    01-05-08 04:03 AM
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    The best ringtone software your going to find is Xingtone Ringtone Maker! It supports almost everything including Verizon and lets you make your own from your favroite part of the song. I currently use it on my U740 and the software has most BlackBerry models listed as supported; check out www(dot)xingtone(dot)com for a complete list of supported phones. It is $19.95 to buy, but you can download the demo model and search around for a crack to make it the full version (this is for Windows XP based computers, Vista requires v5.1 which as of yet has no crack released). Worst case download the trial version and play around with it if it's something you would want to use. Sorry to sound like a salesman, but the program does work better then others I've tried as it's pretty simple to handle.
    01-13-08 05:37 PM
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    Ok I have been using xingtone for about 4 years now and just got a sprint pearl about 2 weeks ago and cannot get xingtone to work.I get thet sms and download the file into the ringtone folder but then it is not there after the file completed appears.Any ideas?
    01-20-08 01:36 PM
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    I like phonezoo.
    01-20-08 01:53 PM
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    I'm on the Blackberry Curve 8320 on T-Mobile. It works great for me! I've been through many different phones including the Samsung X475, Razr V3 and Palm Treo 650. I was able to use Xingtone with all the other phones in the past. I was on T-Mobile with all of them though.

    I used to have Sprint before T-Mobile, but just hated how you had to wait to be able to change phones. I like being able to go from phone to phone just by switching the SIM card. I don't know how true this is, but I've heard that CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon have more control (or just enforce more control) than GSM carriers over their networks. They'll lock their network into a walled garden and do all they can to make sure their users are not able to use third-party software.

    I've heard from a couple Sprint friends that their phones are not able to download ringtones due to some invalid description thing, so they're forced to purchase ringtones directly from Sprint. Maybe a similar thing is happening to you. Sprint could possibly put something in their ringtones and the phone's software sees that and allows the file to be saved. But when it's coming from a non-Sprint source, they'll just simply hide it or not allow it to be used as a ringtone. Hopefully that helps.
    02-26-08 03:34 AM
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    I've been making my own ringtones for years for VZW phones as I refuse to pay VZW any more than what I'm paying...

    I use the application Audacity to make them and then upload the ringtone to my phone either by email (for older phones) or via my media card (for my BB). It works great!

    No need to access VZW's "Get in Now" tones when you can make your own!
    02-26-08 11:55 AM