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    Well, after purchasing a dare and absolutely hating having no keyboard ... I decided to try the blackberry craze to see what they were all about. I came from a treo 700wx so i figured it'd be a easy transition. After owning the BB for a about a week it just doesn't seem to be the phone for me. I miss my treo touch screen and a bunch of other stuff my BB doesn't have.

    ANYWAY, I bought the dare when i was available for an upgrade (every 2 years obviously) and "exchanged" it for the BB curve. When i was returning the dare i was told "this is your last exchange". Figuring I'd like the BB i had no problems with this being that I couldn't stand the dare.

    Now I want to return the BB too and go back to my trusted treo. I am wondering if i am screwed now since I already exchanged the phone once. There is a difference in returning and exchanging but i was just wondering how this works? Store credit? refund? What about my upgrade status if i am able to return the BB? Am i stuck waiting for another 2 years even though i dont have a new phone or do they reset my upgrade status and let me use it again whenever i want?

    Thanks for any input, I'd like to return the phone asap so any factual data would be really appreciated!!!!
    10-25-08 07:54 PM
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    You can return it for a full refund and will be set back to your original contract date and upgrade eligibility date as long as you are within 30 days of purchasing the Dare.
    10-25-08 08:05 PM
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    Yep, just "return it". They won't "exchange for another new phone", but should allow you to just return it and go back to your old phone. If you have issues, simply complain to VZW corporate if the local store manager won't do anything. It is a policy to not keep exchanging phones (so you can't go and try all they have to offer, lol), but they will except you going back to your old one after trying 3 phones that you didn't like. Hey, sometimes, things just don't work out.

    BTW, to the OP, you may want to wait until the Palm 800w comes out and then try again to go to it. For now, just return back to the 700wx to be happy.
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    10-25-08 09:47 PM