05-13-09 03:58 PM
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  1. scurvydlicious's Avatar
    You can backdate on the last day? Say his bc date was 7. If he went in on may 7 the rep could backdate it to 4/8. Just change the single line to a fs primary and add a fs secondary.

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    If his billcycle is on the 7th and he called in to change to a higher plan because he was over his minutes, yes, you can backdate the plan back to 04/08. The only time you're not able to is if there was a future dated order for the previous month that took place on 04/08.
    05-12-09 03:27 PM
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    I know I was questioning irie

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    05-12-09 03:49 PM
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    i didn't read the entire thread, but we added blackberrys and data plans to our bill and it was prorated for the partial month we had them.
    05-12-09 05:07 PM
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    I know I was questioning irie

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    My bad.
    05-12-09 05:19 PM
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    That's why I do all of my changes online through the web site. The only time I ever used a rep was at a corporate store when I first signed up several years ago. The computers understand all those plans better than some of the reps, and my billed never was messed up.
    05-12-09 05:21 PM
  6. itsthemusic's Avatar
    I like how it started to turn into a pissing contest and then got back on track.

    There will always be proration when adding a line of service, once the first bill is paid it will be the normal price of what you signed up for. If it was a corporate Verizon location there was a long "pro-rate reciept" that was probably put into your bag, it explained what will be on your bill and also gives you a pretty accurate estimate of what the next bill would be.

    I apologize if that wasnt gone over with you but sometimes(in the reps defense) it may be forgotten due to the store being busy or whatever else it could be. You arent getting the shaft here.
    05-13-09 11:15 AM
  7. thebizzler's Avatar
    Just an update. I went into the store yesterday and asked the manager to just take a look at my bill and see if anything looks strange. She pulled it up and said that the plan was backdated on the last day of the billing cycle which didn't make sense to her. Basically to sum everything up she got it fixed and my bill went from $226 to $158. Thanks for all the advice guys.
    05-13-09 03:58 PM
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