1. high life's Avatar
    Have read through both the storm and tour sections and still am left with the question of which one to choose.

    My question mostly has to do with how they both are doing straight out of the box. I have had really bad luck updating software on my 8330 so that is something that I want to stay away from as much as possible.

    Do people hate the storm because it is hard to use or because of actual o.s. issues?

    I started using blackberrys when my htc win mobile device was locking up and refused to recieve calls. I mostly use my curve for, bb messenger/texting, web browsing, streaming pandora, and email although sometimes I email a bunch and sometimes might go days with out sending any.

    Thanks in advance for any insight. Will be stuck with one or the other for 2 years so I want to make an informed decision before pulling the trigger.
    08-06-09 08:53 PM
  2. jlamb76049's Avatar
    Your going to want to update either of the phones os's once 5.0 comes out. I would think since you currently have a curve that the Tour would be the easiest to transition to for you, especially with emailing a lot.

    I have the storm and love it but I am also trying out every leak that comes out. To me the software updates are fun.
    08-06-09 09:14 PM
    i've had both devices and i loved them both!! no issues!! heres what you do you get either device you want to try out first try it out play with it and if you dont like take it back under your 30 days and exchange it for the other
    08-06-09 09:18 PM