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    Good afternoon CB,

    Before I start with my issue, I have talked to three verizon CS's and I have a ticket open (which should be resolved in three to five business days), the reason I ask this here is that my bill is posted in a few and wanted to know if anyone has ever had this problem or if there isn't even a problem. The people I talked to at verizon could only guess, and said they have never heard of the issue and basically I have to wait to hear back from my ticket.

    I have a 9630 and a BIS 29.99 plan, I know for a fact that my account was fine last month and this is a new issue. So if I go into my verizon wireless account and look under my usage it doesn't show my unlimited plan it presents my data usage as if I didn't have plan (screen shots below).

    and if I scroll over the data icon it shows how I will be billed, I zoomed in and cropped it because it was small in its native form.

    So anyway, I didn't go outside the US, I didn't tether, just regular browsing on the BB, push email, and other completely normal data usage. Has anyone ever had this issue before, or for the members who work or have worked for verizon, have you ever seen this before? I just want to know if I should expect a 1900 dollar bill (which I was assured, if it happened I would be credited before my bill was paid, Posted on the 19th of each month and I pay via direct debit on the 3rd of each month.) I know it isn't a huge deal as any problem will be fixed, I just wanted to get a grasp of the problem out of curiosity.

    09-13-09 02:39 PM
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    wow... thats wierd... and the data plan is on the account when you call in they verified the SFO and provisioning?
    My golly I'd be concerned too. I cant see your screenshots because of firewalls here at work.
    but I'd definately look closer into it and Ive never seen that before. You sure its just not calculating data and then in the end its just unlimited still. I havent looked at my data online in a while.
    09-13-09 03:04 PM
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    They are not sure what it is doing, but if I look at the other bb lines it show unlimited data and doesn't calculate at all, the data plan is listed on my account under my services and they could see it when I called on their end, but they could also see under my usage how it was calculating at .20 cents or whatever the price is without a data plan.

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    09-13-09 03:36 PM
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    Hmmm you r smart to keep a close eye on that. They might have to refresh something in the billing system.
    Anyways they are aware and that's what matters

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    09-13-09 04:19 PM