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    Hello all in Boise center from Kirland hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas. I am very sorry to all the prepaid reps who had their Christmas ruined by the company, after having the holiday planned for vacation a while ago and approved where all called in mandatory or get pointed and no pay.....well lets look at this more clearer now as our team in our company can see the "Forecast" ahead of time to reject or approve certain days off for us should HAVE seen this coming a while ago,and shouldn't have had to call them into company and ruin their holiday or be threatened about being pointed or no pay wow Kirland is not like this so what is up with this center. Oh another thing i heard last year you guys got a mug for your Christmas gift for dedication to the company ok that nice oh but this year you guys didn't get anything that's not cool well we are talking about WDS Global though. Anyways just wanted to say hi to all and I will keep hoping things get better your way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Prepaid and Technical Support agents who has done a great job over this last past year! Keep up the good work no matter what gets thrown your way until you guys find something else that is best fit for you and well acknowledge your hard work and dedication truthfully.
    12-27-09 12:20 PM
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    Why are we listening to someone who has JUST started posting for the sake of causing a ruckus in boise???
    This is what baffles me.. I will be very anxious to see what happens when they track you down up there.
    12-27-09 02:25 PM
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    Hi all

    Sorry it's been a while since I posted on here but those who know me know the 411.. so an update to all of those.... Mom's treatment went good and now it's the waiting game to see it worked or if there is a round 2. I cant wait to get back to work ( sounds crazy ) but there is only so much Maury I can watch and only so much WII I can play. I hope everyones christmas was good and safe and will see all of my friends soon.
    12-27-09 07:23 PM
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    Hello all, I work at an outsource call center in the midwest. Hope that doesn't make a difference.
    12-27-09 07:47 PM
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    Welcome and so do some of the others that post in here. welcome to Boiseville
    12-27-09 07:51 PM
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    Welcome and so do some of the others that post in here. welcome to Boiseville
    Much appreciated.

    I should share the funniest story I've got so far as a rep. About a week and a half ago, very savvy sounding woman calls in, I pull up the acct and verify it, she straight up tells me that she needs my help pulling a fast one on her granddaughter. 2 line familyshare. 2nd line is a BB, granddaughter is supposed to be paying grandmother for the BB dataplan. Granddaughter hasn't for the last three months. So on that night, while the granddaughter is at work, she has me switch the esn on the 2nd line to the granddaughter's old phone. (env2)

    So, she goes on about how this might teach her granddaughter a bit of a lesson, and in college I was a bit of a prankster myself, so I start getting a laugh out of this, and as soon as I let the first sign of a chuckle out, this lady starts giggling like mad. I can't help it, I start laughing with her, everybody around me starts staring at me like I'm about to get asked to leave the building or something. That woman had me in stitches. I go on with the rest of the call, but have to do my best to not just stop and giggle with her.

    Then she asks me to hold on for a moment, she had to do something, and it's not like I can say no. I start hearing her voice in the background, can't make anything out. Just lots of laughing and high spirits. She comes back on the line, I'm just sitting there, got the acct remarked just waiting to to do summary and close, and she tells me that she just called her daughter, and told her to take her daughter's old phone to her at work, and tell her this is grandma's version of what happens when you don't pay your bill.

    Maybe you just had to be there, but I lost it at that point, and giggled with that woman for a long moment. Blew my aht for the day. But it was worth it.
    12-27-09 08:15 PM
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    Ahhh...I LOVE when customers have a sense of humor
    12-27-09 09:29 PM
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    Welcome and so do some of the others that post in here. welcome to Boiseville
    Boiseville!!! Thats pretty funny! I was thinking that all agents posted in here?
    12-27-09 10:03 PM
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    So I talked to a customer today who escalated and they were on their blackberry but wanted the tech to troubleshoot. I explained that we can't do that when she's on the phone and she said, "Well that wasn't in my contract when I signed it. No where in there did it say I had to have a landline just to talk to you guys."

    12-28-09 01:47 AM
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    So thats where you say, "okay, well, lets take the battery out for about 10 seconds..."

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-28-09 01:53 AM
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    I said, "well its generally not in car loan agreement that you have to turn off the car to have warranty services done.. but you do."
    12-28-09 03:16 AM
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    Now this is the conversation that I wanted to have in this thread!

    I have a good one for you... it wasnt my call but a good friend of mine who shared it during our huddle...
    He gets this business guy who is not getting his email.. very upset and wants us to "fix it"
    My friend listens to the background as he's probing and hears some odd noises... so he asks... "Sir? Where exactly are you?"
    The customer returns with, "I'm on a BURRO in the grand canyon!"
    *Face palm*
    well sir you arent going to get signal enless you are top side.
    "what do you mean I cant!? Why isnt there a tower down here!?"
    *face palm*
    "How are you able to call me sir?"
    "I'm on a satalite phone!"

    I'm sure at this point you get the humor of the exchange.
    The customer actually escalated because we couldnt help him get his work email.
    He was on a retreat with his company and was complaining about how he didnt even want to be there and around "these people"
    But he was actually trying to get his email while on a Burro in the Grand Canyon.
    It just goes to show the lengths and withdrawls some people go through to get their email.
    12-28-09 07:45 AM
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    There's a customer or 2 who post in here too.
    12-28-09 08:23 AM
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    To those that still work in Boise, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you work for a company where the CCM's don't know their **** from a BB (minus Mark), where HR are the most unprofessional and unapproachable people I've ever met, where they lie cheat and steal just to get that extra dollar, where promotions come to those that have their noses the farthest up someone's **** (the new CCM is the VP of operation's son), where training is a piece of paper a month later, and where they fire people (agents and sups) not because they can't do the job but because they offer different ideas or don't kiss ***.
    12-28-09 08:28 AM
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    I know what you mean sweetcheeks
    "the Internet on my aircard is slow right now"
    ok sir, let's do some troubleshooting to get it working better. Let's do an activation
    "will that disconnect my internet?"
    "I can't do that, I'm on voip right now"
    well sir, that will slow your connection
    "you don't know what you're talking about, get me a supervisor"
    12-28-09 09:25 AM
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    I just had to BEST multi fru call ever...
    This guy was SO nice and understanding about the issue.
    He kept getting uncaught exception when trying to view sms. 3rd phone. former alltel. He was actually giggling about the issue.
    He's also a google syncer so I know the issue wasnt being tsfrd from device to device.
    It makes it soooo much easier to WANT to help a customer when they arent yelling and screaming about the phone being OUR fault.
    This guy said "How would THAT resolve anything!?"
    totally shot him an S2 overnite.
    12-28-09 11:58 AM
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    I'm still in training with the Customer Care contract...Coming from Tech.
    Can't wait to share my stories here....

    I remember spending 45 minutes helping a customer move icons on his Tour. Gah. He eventually gave up and said he was going to a store.
    12-29-09 09:39 AM
  18. akiva7777's Avatar
    yeah......45 min, i woulda given up too!!!! you must have the patience of one who has chldren!
    12-29-09 10:18 AM
  19. abnorml1's Avatar
    yeah......45 min, i woulda given up too!!!! you must have the patience of one who has chldren!
    Yeah, I must say that I am lucky to have patience (to a certain extent) with people on the phone...at least I tried to help that customer, he appreciated the effort.
    12-29-09 10:19 AM
  20. akiva7777's Avatar
    i dont take that kind of time.....well, i shouldnt say that. If they are old, or cool about it, then yeah, i will.
    12-29-09 10:21 AM
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    Wow, I am gone for a few days and this thread has completely changed (in a good way). How have all my fellow CrackBerries been? I have miss you guys... Well most of you...
    12-29-09 02:41 PM
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    slow....so slow, but im lazy and ok with that
    12-29-09 02:43 PM
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    Wow, I am gone for a few days and this thread has completely changed (in a good way). How have all my fellow CrackBerries been? I have miss you guys... Well most of you...
    LITTLE bit of tension between store reps and phone support, but it seems to be working it's way out. Otherwise my mod stick is at the ready!
    12-29-09 03:22 PM
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    Only 2 working days left in 2009 for me Any New Year's Resolutions from anyone?
    12-29-09 03:36 PM
  25. IMP42's Avatar
    Get out of debt lol.
    12-29-09 03:49 PM
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