1. BDZ71's Avatar
    My Curve 8300 Randomly does NOT Ring when people call me.. or sometimes will not receive texts untill I make a call or something and when I hang up the inbox will have like 10 new messages that it I guess forgot to download untill I made a call..

    The big thing is though the ringing,, it will randomly not even ring when someone calls me

    Any ideas?

    I do the battery pull about ever other day but it still seems to do this?

    Whats the deal?
    It sucks because it dosnt ring so there will be no missed calles for those calls so I never know someone called... It it was an emergency and it didn't make it threw I would never know someone called

    And its sporatic, sometimes things work as normal??!?

    sent 4-5 texts out and didnt get a single reply.. then about 40 min later a reply to each text came in at the exact time..
    And apparently one person called during that time and the phone never rang?!?!?!?

    full signal

    I just don't understand it, it did it again this morning I woke up and had no missed calls, and was going to call my buddy, when I hung up it said I had a voice mail, the time of the vm was 10 min before I woke up... Phone never rang... OR said I had a vm untill I placed that call almost 40 min after the vm was left........
    Makes no sence
    04-21-10 10:38 AM
  2. BKVic's Avatar
    My Storm 2 will do this every once in a while but a battery pull fixes it every time.
    04-29-10 08:21 AM