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    First, thank you in advance for your time and assistance here on the forum.

    Question for VZW Rep: What is my best choice to upgrade to Storm?

    My current situation:
    1. We have 3 lines and have been with VZW for a few years. No way are we leaving (though I love Mac/Apple and wanted an iPhone pretty bad, but Storm is alleviating that desire).
    2. Plan = Nationwide Select Family Share 1,400 ANY UNL N+W+IN+MSG
    3. Contract Ends: 4-9-10
    4. Wife's line is primary with a national company Corporate Discount (-19% plans, -25% Accesories).
    5. Primary line is Blackberry Curve. Eligible NE2 12/9/9 or Upgrade 7/13/9
    6. 2nd Line = My line. LG Env with mobile web and whatever else. Upgrade eligible 8/12/9
    7. 3rd Line = Son's. Not used and I have no plans of continuing it. I have to keep it until 4/9 or pay Early Term. Fee. It is eligible for upgrade now.

    Wife and I both want to upgrade to Storm. My son (9yr) doesn't use his phone and doesn't need it (Long story made short = his grandparents wanted to pay for him to have phone so he could call them. They gave us the $ up front for monthly cost. As I told them, the new would fade off and he wouldn't use it.... I was right.) I plan to cut this phone off the account when April rolls around and it's contract fulfilled.

    So, what is my best (least expensive, smartest) course to upgrade 1 or 2 of us to the Storm?

    Wife may, just may, be able to get her company to upgrade her and the company pay for the phone. If not, we'll have to come up with plan for us to get it done.

    Do I do something with upgrading my son's phone, then after it's done swap the numbers between his and mine? Won't that renew his line for 1-2 years leaving me then having to pay the $9.99 per month for what is currently my phone's contract length?

    Or is it better to just let my son's line expire and pay full price for a Storm (which I don't know what retail is gonna be)?

    I'm starting to think it's going to cost out the nose for me and my wife to get Storms.

    Advice appreciated. Thanks!

    BTW, wife truly needs a BB. I want a BB. From what I understand, once you have a BB though, your want for one becomes a need.
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    Try posting this in the VZW sticky. Or just go to a VZW retail store in a couple days. They're always nice to me

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    Thanks, I did as you suggested.
    Here is the post in that thread.

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