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    Ok, so here's the deal.

    Last Friday, my office was robbed at gunpoint, and they took my Blackberry among other things in my possesion. I had an Blackberry Curve 8330, that I had purchased from someone else, and that wasn't insured through Verizon.

    Lucky for me though, our insurance that we have at my office will pay to replace my phone. Since I didn't have Insurance, they will be paying full retail, which I think is around 440$ or so. I have to buy the Curve, then they will reimburse me for it. Either that, or my office will buy it, and they will get reimbursed. I've already got another Blackberry, that I bought off E-Bay for 50 bucks. I don't plan to keep the Curve.

    As is stands, I'm eligible for a new upgrade at the end of September, on the 30th. I had planned on either upgrading to a Tour, or waiting another couple months for a Storm 2. What I was wondering, is if I paid cash for the Curve, could I return it a week later and get my money back for it, or would I be able to get a store credit for it.?

    If I try to resell it on Ebay, I'll only get 200-250 bucks for it, which will hardly cover the 50 I spent on the new phone, plus the deprectation the insurance will take out when they pay me for it. I certianlly don't plan on using it, not when I can upgrade t something newer and better in a month.

    So does anyone know the answer here? Would I be able to return the phone after paying cash for it, and get a refund, or would I only get a store credit?
    08-26-09 11:40 AM
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    That's a question for your local diect store...
    Ex "if I decide this blackberry doesn't meet my needs; what is your return policy..." Continuing asking whether store credit or cash. Most likely store creidt cause I can't see store keeping that much cash on hand.
    They wouldn't take $100 bill for a $25 hard case because they said they didn't have change.
    But that's my dirct store they r all different.

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    08-26-09 03:52 PM
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    Corp store return policy is 30 days. Return saying "it hasnt met my needs.... I want to return it." Dont pay cash, its a pain in the a$$. Credit is easiest. if you must pay cash, it is rarely on hand (must reduce drawer down to $100 if we take more than $500). If not on hand, they can do a gift card or send you a check (can take up to 6 weeks). no restock fee if you do a flat out return and dont get a different device.

    Now, these are the company standards. If you pay cash for the phone, get it re-imbursed through insurance, then return the phone, that is insurance fraud and you can get in legal trouble for that... .That is for if what i am assuming is what you are thinking of doing, but didnt really fully understand your thought process

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