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    Ok so let me get this straight. The only way to get an alternative upgrade is if you do it in a Corporate Verizon Store. (How do you even know what store is corporate?) This can't be done over the phone with Verizon??

    Second. If I buy the phone on the line with the discount plan, get the phone deactivate it and reactivate it on another line in the same plan, there is no way you are able to get insurance on the phone correct?

    This is just making my head spin right now lol. I am so lost and confused.
    10-16-08 11:25 PM
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    20 reads and no reply's!

    I user at HoFo has stated that Verizon does in fact do the Alternative upgrade over the phone. The way he worded it made it sound like he works for the company so he may be right .
    10-17-08 06:55 AM
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    1. Go to VZW's website, locations listed there are the only "corporate" ones. 2. The Alternate upgrade is an option over the phone or in stores. 3. Insurance only applies to the phone if it is purchased and remains on that line. If it is immediatly switched, the second line would need insurance added at that point.
    10-17-08 11:48 AM
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    Thanks for another user clarifying it can be done over the phone. Some people were very pushy in saying it can only be done in stores. I just have a feeling it would take forever to do it in stores as most stores will probably sell out of the Storm in no time.
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    10-18-08 12:41 AM
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    Just about anything that can be done in a store, can be done on line or calling
    10-18-08 08:03 AM