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    Hey all,

    This question is mainly for vzw reps, I am about to come up on my ne2 in march, but I'm about to move and don't feel like waiting to find a vzw store in the new area, so I was wondering will they let me get the update now being only shy about a month and a half? Cos I want to get the moto droid

    Oh and if I get the moto droid will I get the eris free aswell, I'm on a family plan and I'm the primary line, was gonna give the eris to gf, she's the secondary.
    Thanks for your help

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    01-12-10 07:12 PM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    You will be able to most likely use an early upgrade that will NOT include your NE2. NE2 will only be applied when eligable. As for the buy one get one offer, the other line must also be eligable for upgrade as well.
    01-12-10 07:16 PM