1. JesterorJoker's Avatar
    ok here's the deal my wife is on her third voyager and still having issues, I know this might sound really odd, but she really needs to get this one that shes on replaced because it's still having the same issues, the first one she took in to get a case and one of the guys offered to do the software update on the phone ever sence then she has had the same issue with every phone, well I am out of state and wont be back for atleast another month, thats frestrating as is, well my buddy works here in a town at a verizon store and was telling me it should be replaced by warrenty because its less then a year old, sence the first one, well thats fine and all but I would really hate for her to get another voyager if shes going to have the same issues (dropping calls, turning off randomly, and turning off whenever she gets a text or picture message), well my buddy was saying something about a multi replacement exchange, and might be able to get something else, well the only store close to her we have issues with due to employees hitting on her trying to write down her number for personal use, belive me I had alot to say when we were having dinner and one of them called her asking her to go out on a date, needless to say we don't want her to go in and the next corp store is over 170 miles away is their anything we might beable to do, my buddy was saying that if she went in she might be able to have it switched out for a envy touch she loves her voyager though even with the mistakes she would like to stay with it but i hear the envy touch is a better phone and i feel she would like it more then what she has, anyway enough about that I would like to know if their is anyway we can get the phone sent to her like they have had to do for me here??? any input would be great.
    07-19-09 08:45 PM
  2. scurvydlicious's Avatar
    The Env Touch is new, how do you know it's not going to start doing the same things in a month or so?
    07-19-09 10:15 PM
  3. JesterorJoker's Avatar
    I'm not 100% sure it's going to do the same thing, I just feel like it might be a better option, I know my friend had to call warrenty on one of the voyagers that came into his store that seemed to be having the same issue, and because he's indirect they told him the customer qualafies for a multi FRU exchange or something like that, but they even had to drive over 100 miles to get it done going to a corp store, I just figured that maybe their would let us do it knowing how things are going.
    07-19-09 10:37 PM
  4. Justinj14's Avatar
    yes what I would do is call yourself. Thats what I always do with my girlfriends phone issues. I'm assuming that the account is in your name. Just call and tell the rep that you speak with that she has had 3 of the same phone all with the same issues.
    If you want them to send you a phone i'm sure they will. There usually isnt a problem. You can also let whoever you speak to on the phone know that you dont feel comfortable going into the store for personal reasons. There really shouldnt be to much of a problem with your situation.
    07-19-09 10:43 PM