1. Cbarnes2479's Avatar
    Hey Guys
    I was just wondering how many of yall have Push to talk? Do you think it will grow like Nextel did and has over the years?

    Thanks for any Info
    04-12-10 09:01 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    I can't fathom EVER using it.

    But I'm sure some users will find a use for it.
    04-12-10 09:43 PM
  3. itsthemusic's Avatar
    I really dont know why VZW is pushing it so hard again. I can see it being completely phased out in the next 5 or so years. Nextel had it.....that was it.
    04-13-10 09:00 AM
  4. yellowmac's Avatar
    what verizon phones are push to talk coming too.. anybody know?
    04-13-10 09:32 AM
  5. MrObvious's Avatar
    I think each BB will get it that is currently out I read somewhere.
    04-13-10 10:25 AM
  6. tech_head's Avatar
    Yea, but it's $5 per month per phone.
    And who needs it?? Just call. That's free.
    04-13-10 03:35 PM
  7. thetusch's Avatar
    I always thought the button on the side of my 8330 would be perfect mapped as a PTT button. But I just can't see a use for it. Maybe if there was an industry wide standard, but I can't imagine that happening.
    04-13-10 03:39 PM
  8. gaganchow's Avatar
    Yea, but it's $5 per month per phone.
    And who needs it?? Just call. That's free.
    One major advantage of the push to talk service is contacting multiple handsets at the same time. For example, specific groups of workers can be segregated & contacted either as a group at once or individually. It's a little more sophisticated than just a conference call.

    The PTT system is really ideal for industries such as utilities or emergency service operations.

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    04-13-10 07:52 PM
  9. Cbarnes2479's Avatar
    I am not sure if I will use PTT when I get the new phone , btw taylorsville huh , lol I know a few ppl there (nows the signal there)
    Taylorsville is a great place too be............ So how do you know people in my great little town....LOL
    04-14-10 08:55 PM
  10. Cbarnes2479's Avatar
    I've been with the Fire Dept for 12 years and we are going to PTT come this June... We have 3 phone that are issued to the Chief and the 2 Assistant Chief and 1 for the part time preson.... I've had it for a couple of months and really like it so far......
    04-14-10 09:19 PM