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    Hi all,

    My 2-year contract with VZ has recently ended and I have been on a month-to-month plan (I'm one of the few people who actually WANTS a phone, because I definitely don't NEED it)
    So at the end of the contract I went to the store to see what I'd get for signing up for a new contract. Because there aren't any phones I want, or I'm going to want, the rep told me that I could get a $50 new phone upgrade / loyalty discount, broken up into $10 discounts off my bill for the following 5 months. And just yesterday, I got a promo letter from VZ saying if I renew the contract, they'll pay my one month bill. But to find out more, I have to call a particular number.
    Before I do, does anyone know if:
    1) the two offers can be combined;
    2) the "we'll pay your bill" includes the BB data service I have, or is it voice plan only.
    Honestly, I hardly ever use the phone (about 200 mins talk time a month and data usage in tens of MB) and am considering dropping it altogether, but a good $ incentive might keep me around.
    I appreciate your help!
    08-04-11 05:57 PM
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    I thought it was addressed in this forum before, but you cannot combine promotional offers ever. I pretty much thought every business operates this way...

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    08-05-11 05:16 AM
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    Thanks, Shorty!
    I thought so too, but what confuses me is the fine print: "Offer cannot be combined with other offers EXCEPT equipment offers w/ new 2-years Agmt." I thought maybe I could say "No thanks" to new equipment and get the credit anyway!
    I suppose I'll call today to find out more. I just don't want them pressing me into deciding right there and then, or I'll have to pretend I lost the signal... oh wait, it doesn't work with VZ where I live, the reception is great everywhere.
    08-05-11 05:27 AM
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    If you have unlimited data you could sell your plan like on Craigslist and get a little $ off of it because since the plan is extinct now that's about the only way people will buy it and if someone could get a deal with unlimited data they would pay for it I'm sure. It's just a thought.
    08-06-11 01:36 PM