02-06-10 11:42 AM
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  1. vatothe0's Avatar
    thank you. i didn't think that we were really working the system. the original lady said 45 days due the holidays. When I called the first time and then after everyone acted dumbfounded by what I said. When I called the last time I was tired of the BS and knew what I wanted. The first guy really pissed me off by becoming disconnected. That was almost enough for me to switch carriers. Luckily I called back the next day and that guy got it right!
    They should have been up on that program, but it only happens once a year and people try to extend it "just a few days" ALL THE TIME. So it's more or less an automatic response to say no to anything over 30 days.
    02-05-10 01:22 AM
  2. xpressingit's Avatar
    Wfg extension from nov15-jan15

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    02-06-10 10:37 AM
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    I still need to take my 8330 in to the store. It is a pain to get it to charge.

    Last night it was on the charger for a couple of hours and never got above 50%, I turned it off and this am it was only up to 80%.

    I just hate going to the Verizion store.

    I think I'm going to swap it out or let them fix it, then I'm going to wait on the Tour 2.

    I'm hoping the T2 will have ptt. I have been wanting a ptt for our buss. but I didn't want to carry two phones.
    02-06-10 11:42 AM
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