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    Hey, complete newbie to Blackberry's (outside of a lot of web site reading lately) and I have a lot of questions.

    Long story short: Verizon customer. I used to own a WM PDA phone. Got real used to it and liked having it. When time came to upgrade my phone (about 2 months back) I got an LG Voyager. BIG mistake. It's a nice phone for multimedia and texting, but email doesn't work with my POP3/IMAP server (had to write a web app to make it work at all), the calendar blows, the web browser is marginal, and the contacts don't store address information. And it is practically uncustomizable in terms of software.

    So, I'm gnashing my teeth at my stupidity, and trying to decide if I am going to bite the bullet and make the change back to a smart phone. Since I know I am going to have to pay full price for it, I'm really doing my research. I like the email aspect of BB, so I think I am leaning there, the Curve in particular.

    So, if you could please aid me here, I would highly appreciate it. I am going to list out the things I want/need, and have not yet been able to determine if a VZW Blackberry will do it.

    1. Does the address book store all contact info, including phone numbers, email, and mailing addresses?
    2. Can I sync my calendar on two PC's, and and only sync my contacts on one PC? My home PC is Outlook 2003 (sync both), and my work PC is Outlook 2000 (calendar only).
    3. I read that you need a third party application to view HTML emails. How good/bad are they?
    4. Is there any issues with MMS for pictures or video sending or receiving? We use that aspect of my phone a lot to send updates of the grandbaby to grandparents.
    5. I know Verizon cripples GPS in favor of their VZ Navigator. And I see that I cannot use Bluetooth for copying files. Do they cripple anything else of value?
    6. Can I read microsoft office attachments on the BB? What about PDF's?
    7. Is it possible to force the saving of videos/images to a card so I can just use that to transfer to my PC?
    8. How accessible is the memory card? DO I have to open the phone to get to it, or is in accessible from teh outside?
    9. I have a Jawbone bluetooth headset. I am assuming there will be no problems pairing that, but any confirmations?
    10. I am assuming VCAST is not available for this, or at least I cannot find that it is. What are the multimedia capabilities of the phone?
    11. I have homemade MP3's for ringtones. Can I use them on this phone?
    12. How loud are the ringers? My hearing is not the best.
    13. Is there an alarm clock application on this?
    14. Can vibrate and sound be used together for notifications (phone, message arrived, etc)?
    15. Does Verizon cripple the ability to install third party applications on the phone?
    16. Just thought of this. My current phone is the primary line on a family share plan that I went ahead and got their unlimited services package on, basically I get all VCAST, Navigator, and unlimited messaging for one cost. I have 3 other phones on the plan as well. Anyone know if I can swap out my phone for a Blackberry and maintain teh share plan for eveyone else?

    Wow that's a long list. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!
    05-16-08 12:55 PM
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    1. Yes it does store all contact info
    3. I'm interested to see what others say about this, I am in need of one.
    4. Just don't get the 8830(the one without the camera) and you will be good on the MMS.
    5. WIFI.
    6. Yes to read on both, but no edits to either.
    7. Yes you can force the save to the memory card.
    8. Behind the battery door on the curve and 8830. The pearl has a door on the side of the phone.
    05-16-08 01:03 PM
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    I can only answer for the Pearl 8130 on Verizon:
    1. Stores all info you requested
    2. Yes, you can sync differently on 2 machines by customizing through BB Desktop app on each.
    3. The native email reader doesn't display the HTML formatting - but it converts it to plain text pretty well.
    4. I have experienced no issues with MMS for photos, etc.
    6. I cannot read Office or PDF docs without an Add-in.
    7. Videos, images, ringtones, MP3s automatically save to the card, and tghe card is very easily accessible as a mass-storage device in the OS when connecting via USB.
    8. The card is accessible through a dedicated panel on the side of the phone.
    11. Yes, you can use custom MP3s as a ringtone
    12. In my opinion, the ringtones at the loudest setting are very loud, but that's very subjective.
    13. Affirmative on the Alarm clock app
    14. Notifications can use any combination of audible, visual (LED) and vibe.
    15. I have not come across any issues installing 3rd party apps.
    16. I didn't do exactly that, but I did swap the new BlackBerry into my primary phone number, kept my existing family share plan with the additional BB data plan, and added a standard Verizon non-BB phone and number.
    05-16-08 01:26 PM
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    k, i'll pick up at,

    9. No problem with a jawbone bt.

    10. No vcast, no big loss. MP3s for tunes, a couple of vid options. I use 3GP.
    Curves and pearls both take an 8 gig card.

    11. Absolutely.

    12. Not the loudest, I amped all of mine with audacity, now they're fine.

    13. Yes

    14. Vibrate then ring, you can pick from 1 to 3 vibrations before ringing starts.

    15. No. Anything goes.

    16. I had the same setup when I switched to the berry, switched to a nationwide plan to keep the unlimited texts, dropped all the data, vcast stuff, and my bill stayed the same. I do no longer have navigator, but I only used it once in a while anyway, You can do a daily or monthly nav rate on the BBs.
    05-16-08 01:33 PM
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    1. The Address Book lets you store the person's first and last name, a picture, their company and job title, e-mail address, 2 work phones, 2 home phones, mobile, pager, fax, work and home address, their birthday, and even notes about them.

    2. Not sure.

    3. You would need another app and I don't have one to view HTML files. E-mails will include links to redirect you to the HTML site so it's never been of interest to me, but the text-only e-mails that I get are excellent; they literally arrive on my phone within 5 or 6 seconds of my real inbox receiving them.

    4. Not that I am aware of. I've sent pictures on my phone but no videos. You can record videos on the Curve, but you'll need a memory card to put in. Don't think it should be too expensive, but it is required.

    5. Nope (everyone's always bashing VZW about how they cripple "everything"--yet the only evidence they ever have for their case is the gps navigation)

    6. Yes to the first one (you can read but I don't think you can edit). Not sure about the 2nd.

    7. Yes

    8. You have to open the back, but it really isn't hard on the Curve. There's a small silver button on the back cover; just push it and slide the cover up.

    9. No problems (nice headset by the way).

    10. I don't think VCast is available, but I thought Verizon said it would be in the near future. Obviously you can transfer music, videos, and pictures, and it has the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. I'm not a big multimedia user though, so I can't really answer your question on this one well.

    11. Should be able to, yes.

    12. Pretty loud if you put them on loud. Much louder than the 8830.

    13. lol, of course.

    14. Yes. You can use vibrate, tone, or vibrate+tone.

    15. No. The only one you might consider crippled is a 3rd party GPS app, but you can still install it, it just won't work.

    16. Sure can. I'm on a share plan too, and the other 2 lines (my father and step-mother) were hardly affected. The first bill after the switch was a little confusing, but was charged correctly. It didn't effect their phones at all, and my dad didn't care (as long as I paid for my end--haha). You might be eligible for a data plan rebate, as well.
    05-16-08 01:41 PM
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    Thanks to everyone for the helpful answers. I'm checking with my mail server at CrystalTech to see if they have any issues with people using Blackberry's to send/receive emails. Don't expect any issues, but sometimes you never can assume anything.

    Sounds like I may have a winner! And if I can sell my Voyager on eBay, I may come out a lot better ahead on the cash outlay than I am thinking I may be.
    05-16-08 01:51 PM
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    Just wanted to say one thing, I am not entirely sure about on Windows, but I do know that the bluetooth file transfers do work between the Curve and my Mac and the Curve and other Blackberries. Granted, it won't sync via bluetooth but it will transfer files.
    05-16-08 02:42 PM
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    I just wanted to pass along that I bought the Curve today, and already I can tell I made the right purchase. Going to take a while to learn this BB, but I am very happy. Installing Desktop Manager right now, and once I get my calendar and contacts synced in I will spend the rest of the night RTFM'ing.
    05-17-08 06:13 PM
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    congrats on the new past time.
    05-17-08 06:25 PM
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    1. Yes it does store all contact info
    3. I'm interested to see what others say about this, I am in need of one.
    4. Just don't get the 8830(the one without the camera) and you will be good on the MMS.
    5. WIFI.
    6. Yes to read on both, but no edits to either.
    7. Yes you can force the save to the memory card.
    8. Behind the battery door on the curve and 8830. The pearl has a door on the side of the phone.

    VZW doesn't cripple WiFi on the 8330 because there is no Wifi on it.
    05-17-08 09:53 PM
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    Welcome to crackberry..

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