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    Having all the recent posts regarding Verizon Wireless, a majority of them being complaints, I would like to start a thread on good Verizon Wireless experiences. These can be customer service experiences, personal experiences, anything.

    I will start:

    I was in Olive Garden one day eating dinner and the lady next to me had her iPhone out on the table. I notice these things because I'm into phones (as I'm sure most of you are). We were about halfway through our meal and the phone rang. The lady answered it and it seemed like it was an important phone call just from her tone of voice (maybe a business call or something). About 20 seconds into the conversation I hear her go, "Hello? Can you hear me? One second let me move." So she moves down the row a little bit and still no reception. Then she says "Ah, I lost it.. I only have like 1bar in here." Her husband didn't have good service either. So I pulled out my LG Dare and I said here you go. You can use my phone, (it was the weekend, so whatever.) She says, "Oh thank you so much, I really need to talk to this person." So she dials the number and talks about 7 minutes or so. Says, "That was really clear, thank you, that was one of my clients and he was having a problem." I don't know if she was like a doctor, or a realtor or something. I didn't really ask. She goes, "Is that with Verizon?" I go, "Yeah, I actually work for them." She goes, "Well, how can you sign me up? I really dislike the fact that when I needed it my call didn't go through." I pointed her to the local store, and she ended up trading in her iPhone for a Dare and brought her husband too.

    I have other ones, I'll share later. I would like to hear some of your good stories (please keep complaints out). Again these can be Customer Service stories, or your own personal stories regarding where having Verizon helped you out.
    03-19-09 12:14 AM
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    A friend from out of town had his iPhone and I had just got my Dare when it first came out...we did a little swap to see what could do what. He gets on mine and is zipping around the net. I get bored playing Crash Bandicoot and decide to get on the net as well, I see it's going slow as a three legged dog and ask "Hey, this is on EDGE, can I turn it on to look for 3G?" and he responds "Yeah, but don't do that, it won't find it and it will just kill the battery". IN a "3g coverage area" with him being FROM a "3g coverage area".
    03-19-09 12:19 AM
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    OK here's my story....

    My work put me on a BB several years ago, but then took it away due to budget cuts about a year ago. Thru it all I had a Verizon personal phone (Samsung Alias), and was locked in to a 2 year contract. I KNEW I would have to replace the BB, I was hooked, but I had to wait due to my contract.

    OK so I started my search, and focused on the upcoming Bold, which at the time was gonna come to ATT and then soon after (or so was thought) VZW. After some research I found out about the Storm, and the more I learned the more I liked. I became what Kevin was calling a Storm chaser. I soaked up all the info I could, and was convinced I had to get one ASAP. That lead to my problem.

    I was not eligible for NE2 until Dec 18th (my 20 month mark), but the Storm was due on 11/21 and I was determined to get one on THAT day or soon after. (I had heard supplies might be limited) So I called a VZW rep on the phone and told her how excited I was about the new BB VZW was about to received. She said, Oh you mean the Storm! I asked her what I could do to get in to the Storm as soon as possible, and what would be the best way to actually get one. She put me on hold and when she came back told me she moved up my NE2 date to today and that I could get a Storm on launch day 11/21. You can't imagine how excited I was.

    OK 11/21, I get up at the crack of dawn and head to the Store, that had told me they were opening 1 hour early. I was 6th in line. Turns out they did NOT open early, and as we are going in the guy says we only have 4 Storms on hand, BUT for those who stay we will drop ship you one in 2 days. Sadly I decided to go with that option, but number 5 just ahead of me decided to go to another store or come back at 10am when they were supposed to get more. After he left and as I was starting my order, they found a 5th Storm. I said OMG I'm next in line, and then the manager said ding ding ding, you're getting a Storm!!!!
    03-19-09 09:13 AM
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    Day 2 of getting my Curve last May. I'm getting the "sent gmail to inbox" problem. Did some searching on here and found a couple answers, but at the time there wasn't as much info on the issue as there is now, so I couldn't quite get the simple answer we know today. So I went to the store...

    The girl there was holding a Pearl (her phone) and told me that's not a problem, that doesn't happen. I said "uhm, well, it DOES happen and, to a lot of people, I see it on crackberry a lot". So, she said "well, you can call the tech support, I'll let you use our phone".

    So I'm standing behind the counter of Verizon talking to tech support and tell him the problem. He said "ok, give me a minute and I'll look some things up and see if we can solve this". To break an awkward silence after a minute I said "yeah, I see the solution on crackberry.com but I can't get it to work for me". There was a pause and the tech support guy said "uhh. Well, that's what I'm on right now trying to find your answer."
    03-19-09 09:19 AM
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    i was invited to the shooting of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue, while enjoying the view/surroundings i was interrupted with a text message from Verizon. While annoyed i went ahead and opened it to read , "there is a new os release for the storm available for download". while overjoyed with the message, i then WOKE UP, AND REALIZED I WAS DREAMING!!!


    (this story was totally made up and is in know way true in anyway what so ever, was fun tho).

    lets go verizon.... i am almost ready to buy a different phone and toss my storm in the drawer and forget about the mistake/loss.

    that is all, have a nice day.

    P.S. this post was made all in good fun.... i am in no way wanting to complain or rant. i just seen this thread and couldnt help myself.

    i have no favorite verizon wireless story. the end.
    (sorry to mess up your thread.... i will never do it again.... i promise.)
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    03-19-09 09:26 AM
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    My favorite story is when i went to the Verizon store and bought my BB. End of story
    03-19-09 10:42 AM
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    well i have been a carrier jumper for quite a while..i've been with at&t, when it was cingular..been with sprint..been on vzw pre pay and started the process all over until i landed back with verizon with my bb curve..well i swapped phones with a friend, my LG dare for her BB curve..well i was extremely excited after fooling around with the curve for a few days and decided to go ahead with the 2 years contract..so i go into verizon, let the girl know what plan i wanted, how many text messages and so on and so forth and that i wanted to keep my number (which was a verizon prepay number)..well the girl let me know that if i wanted to keep my number, which i did, i would have to wait until after midnite that nite and then in the morning i could activate my curve, no problem..

    well, the next morning comes, i wake up early to activate it..it wont activate..so i call the girl directly and she says there are some technical difficulties and for me to try again the next morning and if i have any problems to call her at 9am..well i didnt get upset, im a very patient person so i say okay, great..the next day comes and it wont activate again..so i try to call her directly and the folks at the verizon store tell me she wasnt even scheduled to come in that day..but the man said he could help me..so i let him know my situation and ask if theres any hope for me getting my curve activated (fearing a dirty ESN or something crazy at that point) well, he gets my phone activated WITH my number and its all done within less than 5minutes..so im super excited..give him a thousand thank you's and continue to go nuts on my new bb..

    i get a call within 5 minutes and he just called to make sure everything was working fine (coming from sprint, who could give 2 sh*ts less..its like how awesome is that?) and he informs me that i have already gotten 7 text messages, but i am not on a messaging plan and to avoid any extra charges to sign up for one..the girl never even put me down for the right plan!! so i let him know everything i needed and he says "i'll get it all taken care of for you, no worries"

    that right there is the reason i will stick with verizon for as long as possible..if i ever have a problem, im confident it will get taken care of and in a timely manner..i never had that with sprint or any other company..excellent customer service..the nicest folks..great reception..couldnt ask for more.
    03-19-09 11:39 AM
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    Great stories all! Keep 'em coming.
    03-19-09 02:06 PM
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    February 20th, I looked at my paycheck.

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    03-19-09 04:14 PM
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    That was a good day.
    03-19-09 04:17 PM
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    Look foward to feb 2009

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    03-19-09 05:05 PM
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    Look foward to feb 2009
    What calendar are YOU on?

    BTW - you guys forgot my cut.

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    03-19-09 05:47 PM
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    Look foward to feb 2009

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    Feb 2009 already happened
    03-19-09 05:49 PM
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    Feb 2009 already happened
    Yeah well, lastraid is still doing his shopping for Christmas 2008. I am still watching my mailbox. Are you?

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    03-19-09 05:57 PM
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    February 20th, I looked at my paycheck.

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    AMEN!!! Feb 20 was a good day!!!

    Then again, this September will be nice too. Not as good, but can start putting away for Xmas!
    03-19-09 06:40 PM
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    Oops that should have been feb 2010. Dad glad to see you pay attention.

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    03-19-09 06:57 PM
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    Hope the multiplier is high.

    AMEN!!! Feb 20 was a good day!!!

    Then again, this September will be nice too. Not as good, but can start putting away for Xmas!
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    03-19-09 06:59 PM
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    True Story....

    Before I became a crackberrier I had the most terrible time with the LG Voyager... It would readonmly reboot and I went thru 5 phones in 8 months! They replaced the SD card.. battery and I was able to duplicate it simply by getting a text!

    After Voyager #5 I was fed up and got to speak w/ executive customer services which I got after writing a letter to the complaint line...Long story short after a phone call from them I was setup up with a new w/ all original accessories (not refurbished black ones like the other 4) titanium voyager, a new micro SD memory card... car charger and $50 credit for my troubles!

    To VZW credit every time I called and spoke w. a regular rep they were nothing but helpful so it was just simply the hardware that cause my problem! They won me as a customer for life with their courteous efforts and great service overall!
    03-19-09 08:16 PM
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    Great story!
    03-19-09 08:23 PM
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    February 20th, I looked at my paycheck.

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    ohhhh that was a nice paycheck! saved my @$$ bigtime
    03-19-09 08:23 PM
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    My true story.

    I switched to verizon because I was fed up with Sprint and didn't want to go back to Cingular.

    When I had gone to Sprint it took 3 days to get my number over and I had to chase them down to find out why. Hours were spent on the line because they kept disconnecting me

    When I switched to verizon, I call CS and they had it over from sprint in 45 minutes. The lady I spoke with was training, so I got to listen in as someone talked her through doing it. Both ladies were sweet and polite. Plus they spoke english,which was a plus.

    Something simple like that was enough to win me over...and when my 2 years were up, I stayed. Not to mention Ive never ended up roaming when in a walmart like sprint did

    VZW has the best coverage and customer service, bar none.
    03-19-09 09:40 PM
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    english is a good thing, dont think i have ever called into cust service and couldnt understand the person, usually get someone in North Carolina, good stuff
    03-19-09 09:41 PM
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    We don't have any international call centers. All of them are in the United States.
    03-19-09 09:47 PM