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    I am currently an Alltel customer and have been one for nearly 12 years. I was looking at the verizon plans as i have 3 lines i need to use.

    I have 1000 anytime minutes with unlimited text on my main line and nights starting at 7 on all 3 lines.

    When i called Verizon a sales Rep told me of a plan with 1400 minutes for 110.00 and each additional line will be 9.99

    I would like to get the Storm since the main line is the only needing Text/Pic messenging. I see they have a plan with 1350 anytime minutes for 129.00, will the additional standard phones only be 9.99 which are jsut used for occassional travel purposes. I am eligible to receive 20% with my company for service. I guess what i'm aksing is I dont see the 1400 min plan she spoke of for 110 so will i be able to get the 129 plan minues my 20% discount for 104 then add the 2 shared lines for 9 each equalling 124.00 and have the main line a BB and standard additonal lines all share the same talk minutes? I wasnt able to verify that on the site and the sales rep wasn't too sure.
    01-15-09 10:49 AM
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    Yes, regardless of the $110.00 or $129.99 plan, it is $9.99 per line. I have 5 lines on my account all together.

    I selected a new plan on their website with various phones and it does show a 1400 minute plan @ $109.97 on the "Nationwide Basic Family SharePlan"

    Also that's pretty sad that the sales rep you were dealing with wasn't clear on the specifics. You will have to pay $29.99 additional for data for your BB BIS service.

    All your phone lines will share the same talk minutes. The plan I chose for you to find that price, was also only including pay-for-text. You will want to buy a texting plan for your phones, you may want to consider a better plan, unless all you want is texting for your phone. If you plan on sending SMS/MMS messages on your BB, your going to want to include texting at least for your line.

    Side Note: when adding your $29.99 data line for your BB, make sure that's the one you get. You do not need the BES package, some customers that have been getting Storms lately, have had dumb sales reps that have been adding it to their account. Unless of course you plan on getting on your work server, which I'm assuming from your post isn't likely.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks alot. I did look under the BlackBerry plans and noticed a plan for 129 with 1350 mins and that includes BB Service and unlimited text which will only be needed on my line. The other 2 lines are my parents which i pay for and they are not interested in texting. I'm thinking I could go that route and add the additonal lines for 9.00 each and that will cover my unlimited Texting and BB service. I only wihd VZW had nights at 7 like Alltel as well as a My Circle plan since I actually only talk to maybe 3-4 people on VZW versus several people on other networks which came in handy on the MY Circle feature as well as landline phones I added in there. Would the 129.00 BlackBerry Plan seem better than a standard voice plan and adding the 29.00 data plan to it. I may actually connect to my work server which woudl be included in the BalckBerry plan i guess.
    01-15-09 01:02 PM
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    The 129.99 1350 plan is a single line plan. You can't had 9.99 lines to it.

    The Verizon rep was correct. 1400 minute familyshare select plan. Primary line will be 110.00 each secondary line is 9.99. It's advertised as 119.99 familyshare select plan since you need at least 2 lines to be on the plan. All lines would have unlimited messaging. You would get 20% off the 110 but you have to add the 29.99 or 44.99 blackberry pkg depending on your needs. You would probably also get 20% off the data pkg too if its on the primary line.

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    01-15-09 01:47 PM
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    Ok, so does the 119. Family plan already include 2 lines or is that 119 then i have to add 9 for the 2nd and 9 fo rthe 3rd.
    They tried to tell me I would have to also add 30 for unlimited text to the family share plan even tho the primary is the only one using text. I woudl thinkthe 119 woudl include unlimited text, cause if thats the case its 119 for plan 9 for each addt'l line and 30 for Text and 30 BB Pkg. Which looks like 120 + 9 + 9 + 30 + 30 = 200 unless 2 lines are included in the inital 120 price which is still 190. Am i correct from what she told me or was she off somewhere? I pay under 120 now for 3 lines with unlimited text/pic and 1000 mins but no BB service on Alltel
    01-15-09 02:00 PM
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    The 119.99 includes service for the first 2 lines. The 110.00 on the primary line includes the unlimited msging. 119.99 for first two lines + 9.99 for third line + bb data pkg. You would get employer discount off 110.00 and potentially off bb data pkg if that's included in employer discount

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    01-15-09 02:09 PM
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    Thanks--that sounds alot better. Now if I can decide between the storm and the curve. Just wish everything was unlocked on VZW's BB's
    01-15-09 02:12 PM