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    I have a cottage in Canada and have not used my VZW BB much up there this Summer and find myself missing it. I get confusing answers to the fees and etc from the local VZW stores. Anyone on a plan with VZW that works for them? I turned the phone on one weekend to make a needed call and the signal was not that strong but usable. The fee was expectedly high too the point I would not want a bunch of them each month.
    Thanks as always for any info/help.
    09-19-08 06:37 AM
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    There is a plan for Canadian usage. I got the 8830 with Canada plus. So far I have been using voice/data/sms when I go up there and I only get charged for roaming data fees. Other then that theres no additional charges. Also you can call canada anytime you without international charges. But the downside of this deal is there is no unlimited night and weekend minutes.
    09-19-08 09:52 AM
  3. teal's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

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    09-19-08 01:45 PM