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    Hello: just looking for an answer that might help me get my 9550 work with tmobile. I have gone to berryology.com to get it working and tried every step. So far I got edge and with everything on it. But no bbm, or browser only tzones... I was also told that verizon needs to release the PIN. But I bought the phone on craigslist so idk how to call and tell them to release the PIN. any1 can give me a good advice to get it release or something I can do. My good old pearl 8120 won't last me too long please. Please verizon ppl help me

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    06-07-10 11:25 PM
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    Verizon won't release the PIN so you can use it on another carrier. They will release the PIN, but the owner of the phone needs to do it. You don't have any account with them so the only people you will be able to talk to are the sales reps.

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    06-08-10 02:26 AM
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    Previous owner needs to get the PIN released, contact the seller and hopefully they are or they are in contact with the previous owner. A simple phone call from the previous owner SHOULD do the trick unless they owe verizon money, or have reported the BB lost or stolen.
    06-08-10 08:09 AM
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    So I'm outta luck thx anywyas.

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    06-08-10 11:20 AM
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    You could get RIM to release the PIN, BUT they are difficult if not impossible to reach, it's a toll or pay call if you can reach them, and often they won't help you with this issue.
    06-08-10 01:16 PM
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    Pkcable. What do u think I should do? Cuz I'm giving up hope of having a touch screen on m hands. I like the 9550 a lot

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    06-08-10 01:59 PM
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    AT&T has no problem in most cases, freeing up the PIN of a BlackBerry that isn't active on someone else's account. Verizon is ridiculous. They'll tell unverified callers the amount due on an account, which is private information, but won't say if a number port-out has completed from their side.

    Look, if you can't contact the original owner of the phone, find a friend with VZW. It's not a gross policy violation, since the VZW account never needs to be opened. The BlackBerry Internet Service account can be found with the PIN code of the BlackBerry, and from there, the BIS account can be zeroed. As in, replace the assigned PIN and IMEI with the number 0, so no email is directed to that specific phone anymore.

    The pain comes from people not realizing that they even have BIS accounts, so when they replace their BlackBerry phones, they just make a new account and set their email back up without a thought.
    06-08-10 02:22 PM
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    You COULD get lucky and they person gets a BB again and registers the BB on the BIS again and it will pop out the PIN of your BB, but most likely they switched to another device, probably a Droid. You don't have a phone number or email for the craigslist seller? Call them up and tell them they need to call Verizon can have the PIN released, it SHOULD be a simple matter, as LONG as they don't owe money which they probably don't. This happens, folks just don't realize when you change platforms you need to get the PIN released.
    06-08-10 02:23 PM
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    Mister xiado: so pretty much use an account with BIS on verizon? Or any user could do it?
    Pk cable: no I deleted the emails and no number saved. When I backed up I lost most info since I wanted a fresh start on the 9550.

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    06-08-10 04:59 PM
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    Mister xiado: so pretty much use an account with BIS on verizon? Or any user could do it?
    Can't easily be done by a user. Anyone with a VZW account can ask VZW tier 2 support to free the PIN of a BlackBerry. As long as the ESN of that phone isn't still registered with the original owner's account, there shouldn't be an issue.

    Just have them call in, say that they bought a used BB from somebody online, and that they wanted to set up their email, but they're being told that the PIN is already attached to another BlackBerry account

    Again, your mileage may vary, but this has very little to do with Verizon, directly. It's just that T-Mobile can't make changes to BIS accounts that are attached to VZW, and vice-versa.
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