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    So I have a Storm, right? I've had it for two months on the 25th. I've had absolutely no problems with it (minus random chipping of the chrome). All of a sudder yesterday and today, I don't receive texts anymore, and when I send a text, a few don't get them. I sent out 7 texts to 7 different people earlier today. 2 came back saying they never got one, 1 came back saying that they sent one back to me (but I never got it).
    What I'm asking is this a network thing, or a phone thing? Because my mother has the same phone and she gets stuff fine, but it's the same case when she texts me. We just tried it side by side, and my phone shows the arrows on teh signal bar as if it came in but nothing happens after that. Has/Is this happen[ed/ing] to anyone before? We'll probably stop by the VZ store tomorrow.

    06-15-09 08:06 PM
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    Do you live in california? Try doing *228 Option 1 then do a battery pull.
    06-15-09 08:16 PM
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    Actually, no. But I'll do that. Thanks.

    At about 0:30, it says we are unavailable to program it. Then it says to call CS.
    06-15-09 09:05 PM
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    your phone isn't programmed for your number. call VZW from another phone, they'll get you set up. get your money's worth, lol!
    06-15-09 09:13 PM
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    Mmhmm... I don't see how that could have happened because I've been using this phone non-stop for the past 9 days (vacation). But thanks anywoo.
    06-15-09 09:26 PM
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    Mmhmm... I don't see how that could have happened because I've been using this phone non-stop for the past 9 days (vacation). But thanks anywoo.
    We've seen it happen periodically on BlackBerrys.

    It seems to happen with memory overruns or maybe power surges.

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    06-15-09 10:33 PM
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    Hmm never knew that.
    Anyways, I tried the *228 OP 1 again and it worked. So I did that and a battery pull. Of course it was 12:30 when I did it, so I can't test to see if that was it or not 'till the morning.
    06-16-09 12:57 AM
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    Does your phone receive text messages after you try to call someone, or even your voicemail?

    With my phone, I will receive numerous text messages after I try calling someone. Sometimes, those text messages will be 4 hours old! I have had some people even text me back saying that I sent them a text message 5 times in a row.

    So, my connection is faulty sometimes. lately its been better. I was told to make sure that my inbox was kept modestly clean. I sometimes will have a month's worth of text messages, in which I will have 2000+ text messages.
    06-16-09 01:41 AM
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    If the *228 isn't working dial ##000000 and make sure the mobile directory number is your number. If not change it. The imsi should also be your number enless u ported from another carrier then it will be diff and u would have to call vzw for the correct "MIN" to put there.
    Then save and try *eex again after the phone reboots. If this doesn't work then yes call tech and make sure your esn matches. We might have to look at the other end of the switch and make sure everything is happy. Doesn't sound like ntwk bc others arnt having the issue.
    Good luck.

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    06-16-09 02:21 AM
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    Sorry "try *228 again"

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    06-16-09 02:22 AM
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    Thanks for everyone's help.
    I took it to the Verizon store today and it turns out, after 15 minutes of him scolding me on how the Storm Slider app for my phone could break the phone, then coincidentally crashed my phone (the first time it's ever done it, and I got it back in April), we found out it was my firewall settings. Dunno how it changed, but it was set to block texts. It blocked 41 of them x.x

    Oh well, thanks again for everyone's help.
    06-16-09 02:51 PM