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    I'm using the 8130 Pearl, Verizon Wireless, and my corporate Blackberry Enterprise server. I synchronize with my Exchange email just fine. If I create an appointment on my calendar using my 8130 it does not synchronize with Exchange, yet it works the other way. Everything else synchronizes just fine.

    The big question here is that I do not get any sort of meeting requests on my Pearl 8130 but I can see them in Outlook. How do you get them on your Blackberry device? Is there a setting the my corporate sys admin needs to administer on the Blackberry Enterprise server?
    05-09-08 11:47 AM
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    What I had to do is update the firmware to v4.3.0.170 (Multilanguage) as posted by GadgetGeek thread topic US Cellular OS available for 8130. Thank you GadgetGeek!

    05-15-08 11:51 AM