1. alb123's Avatar
    So, I installed the official Skype application on my BlackBerry Tour. I was thrilled to see an "official" application even though I only use Skype for it's Instant Messaging capabilities.

    So far, the application is a horrible IM tool. I can not open links sent to me. I can not copy and paste URL's from the Skype application into my Browser. When I move my cursor onto a URL, the entire thing is highlighted as expected, however, clicking the link does nothing. What the heck is the point of it functioning as an Instant Messaging application then? Also, why the heck does the menu not have basic commands like Copy and/or Paste?

    Has anyone figured out a way to actually open a link with the official Skype application?

    For now, it's back to Nimbuzz for me. Unless someone can correct me, this is just another half-effort application released on the BlackBerry platform.

    03-30-10 02:26 AM