1. DJM626's Avatar
    Has anyone heard if or when Verizon is going to release a new build or software update for the Torch 9850? An official one? It's been since Jan of this year, and other carriers are already running builds that are 2 up from what we have. I am not looking for anything leaked I am looking for the Official release. Can't understand that Verizon is one of the most, if not most expensive network, and they are this far behind from releasing something for this phone that actually improves performance as far as better battery life and maybe a little bit slower memory leak. I know most builds have mem leaks as it is notorious with BB, but there must be something coming out, that solves a little of this?

    07-04-12 01:45 PM
  2. halifaxx11's Avatar
    They really need to fix the device media process bull error. It REALLY, REALLY, REALLY pisses me off.
    07-17-12 05:17 PM
  3. o4liberty's Avatar
    It seems that All carriers make us wait for updates for some reason. And as soon as I get rid of a device the update comes out the next day LOL.
    07-17-12 10:34 PM