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    I have a 9530 Storm running Lyricidal's 141/ hybrid OS, but I've had this problem since .75 I think.

    After long phone calls (probably over 1 1/2 hours), my connection is locked at the lowercase "1xev", and not the optimal "1XEV". Powering the phone on and off via holding the power button causes the phone to either not connect to the wireless network at all, or go into SOS only mode. Going into "Manage Connections" and disabling/enabling the connection there results in a radio signal with an "x" instead of signal bars.

    Basically, the only way to reestablish a connection to the data network and get my 1XEV back is to do a battery pull or use QuickPull/MeterBerry's reset option.

    Does anybody else have this problem, and a potential workaround? It's not too big a problem, as my long phone calls are with the gf at night, and I usually fall asleep on the phone. From there, the pre-set 5am Meterberry reset kicks in, and I'm back on the data network when I wake up for school.

    But there have been a few nights where we'd hang up and I'd still be awake enough to want to hop on the network, and had to do a soft reset first.

    (I boldfaced the main question for people who want to get straight to the point lol)
    05-11-09 01:01 AM