1. MattMJB0188#CB's Avatar
    I just have a couple questions. Are there fees associated with signing up for new Verizon service via Best Buy? I signed up for Verizon today to get a free smartphone. I didn't seen any but thought whats the harm in asking. The phone I picked wasn't free on Verizon's site but only at Best Buy. Anyone have any experience with signing up for new cell phone service through Best Buy?

    How does Verizon compare to T-Mobile as far as 3G speeds go? Is GSM faster than CDMA? With T-Mobile I get excellent coverage everywhere. I couldn't get a solid 3G signal at home though, would always fluctuate between GPRS/3G.

    I ordered today and want the phone to be a Christmas present so does that mean from the day its activated my 30 days begins whether or not I want to keep Verizon?

    12-09-10 05:11 PM