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    Just got a new 9650 last week. I went to the small local VZW kiosk and got the phone. We have several area codes in Northern Virginia. Asked for a 703 exchange, got a 571 exchange instead. For work I have a real easy 703 number. The 571 number was nothing easy to remember. The clerk said since they were a small VZW company store that they don't get many 703 numbers and most are recycled and was told the 571 was brand new. Within minutes of activation the phone was ringing off the hook, everyone and his mother looking for the previous owner or the number. New, my ****!! Today at lunch I marched over the mother ship VZW Company store and let it rip about the 571 number and why did the other "smaller" VZW store not have access to the same info. All I got was a 15.00 fee added for changing the number. I did walk out with a 703 number but you would have thought I robbed the place! Verizon some what looks for area codes and exchanges based on zip codes. OK, got that! But they cant see the entire number. At AT&T you can see the entire number and you can pick from the list. I cant believe in this day of technology that VZW cant see the entire number. Did I not push the issue hard enough? Like I said above I did get a 703 and easy number after several minutes of the clerk being tasked to locate a better number.
    07-15-10 09:53 PM
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    You should have called in to Customer Service. Probably woulda gotten it done for free too, if you pushed.
    07-15-10 10:04 PM
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    So far I'm not really impressed with Verizon. Since the activation, I've gotten more emails, calls both on the cell phone and land line and text messages trying to upsell me on features and cross sell it's other products. I just want a dam phone number that's not hard to remember. I'm telling you, you would have thought I was robbing the place at lunch when I asked for the 703 number and then made her cycle through some until I got one that was some what easy. How do people get numbers like 703-123-4500, just dumb luck?
    07-15-10 10:45 PM