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    Hi all,

    I'm currently using a 8703e with verizon and would like to upgrade. The Storm does not tempt me - I am concerned with its reliabilitiy and ease of use at speed - the real key to blackberry. I could get the curve or the world edition, but both are a little long in the tooth already. Anyone know if verizon will get the bold or something else new soon?
    12-14-08 07:42 PM
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    I heard yesterday that the bold I'd in testing with vzw. If this is true it will still be a while before released. I use the storm now, but would have no gripe if I had to switch back to my curve. I wouldn't go 8830 because I need a phone with a camera. Good luck on your decision!

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    12-14-08 07:52 PM
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    I went from the 8703e to a Curve. I tried the Storm for a few weeks. It's amazing but not ready just yet. I'm dying for the new 8900 but it likely will be some time (6 months at least) before Verizon sees either the 9000 or the 8900 (probably even longer for the 8900)...

    There are a few reasons, but the biggest being exactly what you said. They have manipulated their situation so the ONLY truly current model BB is the Storm. All their other models are ancient in comparison. If you want a REAL upgrade, the only choice is the Storm (or AT&T).

    But the Curve is nice. The internet/web access is identical in speed and function. It's smaller and a wee bit harder to type on. But the OS allows me to do a few things I like enough to justify the change...

    -I can assign different E-mail accounts different tones for notification.
    -I can assign a song in the media player as a ring tone. The 8703 didn't even really have a true media player.
    -There is a separate notification for SMS and voicemail. The 8703 had a single indicator for both. I use my text messages as pages (I'm a doc). The 8703 toned the same for an incoming voicemail and an SMS. So I had to disable the voicemail indicator to make it work for me. Which meant I just had to routinely check my voicemail to see if I had anything since I had no indicator.
    -Not that it makes a real difference to me, but the curve does have a camera.

    Those are my major issues.

    I miss my side wheel. The trackball is too hard and hurts my thumb after a while. I liked the click of the wheel and it's accuracy. The ball 'slips' sometimes - picky I know, but noticeable nonetheless.

    I also think the phone on the 8703 worked more smoothly. Maybe I'm just getting used to it. But I have missed a few calls when I hit the green answer button and it didn't answer (no idea why). The 8703 was the best regular phone I ever owned, AND it was a PDA.

    My wife uses the 8703 now.

    I didn't go the 8800 route since I saw that as a total horizontal move from the 8703.

    I hope that helped...

    12-14-08 08:39 PM
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    The storm is better than all those models,I should know,I had a 8703,storm rocks

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    12-14-08 10:59 PM
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    I also want a new BlackBerry for Verizon. A 8900 would be great!! Or a Bold.or similar to those!

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    12-14-08 11:03 PM
  6. castlerock611's Avatar
    The storm is new,it will be a while before there is a new bb on verizon

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    12-14-08 11:06 PM
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    Thanks all,
    I'm with Matt, I really don't think the Storm is quite there yet. Too difficult to use quickly with accuracy. If you can't use it fast with accuracy is it really a BBerry?
    Thanks for the info,
    12-15-08 08:30 PM
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    12-15-08 10:40 PM
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    12-16-08 01:03 AM
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    12-16-08 11:05 AM