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    With any reps or anyone with experience with this would chime in I would appreciate it. I'm sure i'm going to just go into a store and ask but I thought I would get some opinions first. My wife started a new job and her new company offers a discount though Verizon, our account is in my name and has been for years now but I can't get the discount if the account is in my name. Now my question is, she has a bankruptcy on her credit report from a few years ago could she be approved to open an account and transfer the account into her name? My account with Verizon is in good standing and always has been, you think we will have any problems with this so we can get her discount?
    06-18-10 11:44 PM
  2. Super_Mario's Avatar
    She may have to pay a deposit. They'll be able to tell once they do a credit check. The deposits run up to 450 bucks...

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    06-19-10 01:17 AM
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    One factor that is rarely discussed when cell phone users talk about changing carriers is the security deposit that carriers love to charge new accounts.

    Typically, you get that deposit paid back with interest, but if required, you need to pay it up front in addition to the cost of the phone, to have the account. If that corporate discount is not enough to offset the deposit, you may want to pass on a separate account. On the flip side, you may want to go ahead and pay the deposit, because once you go 12 months with on-time payments (or less time if the carrier allows), you get the deposit with interest back, and you have established a good credit reference. And, you only pay it once, if you don't get service disconnected.

    I never had a bankruptcy, but I never had a carrier not charge me the security deposit when I came aboard. So, I'd count on it, regardless. The interest rate they typically pay is better than a bank account and you get it back when you meet the timely payment requirement, which is usually 12 months of on-time payments. The most I had to pay was $1000 and the least was $185 for Verizon. Last summer when I was considering getting the Iphone, ATT said their maximum was $750. One conversation with them about what qualifies for the maximum was enough to convince me to stay with Verizon! Sprint at the time was $250. I think T-Mobile was similar to Sprint. I don't think your wife will have a problem getting an account, she just may have to pay a high deposit.
    06-19-10 03:35 AM
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    My credit is terrible but no bankrupacy yet, i was able to switch from att to verizon with no deposit. No idea why, I was off contract with ATT, i've never been late or past due.
    06-19-10 04:29 PM
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    My credit was hoorrible when I came to Verizon and I fully expected them to slap a deposit on my online order but they didn't. Signed up for a data card plan the next week and they welcomed with me open arms....and an open wallet since they are getting $180 a month from me now...LOL
    06-19-10 06:33 PM
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    From what I understand is that when you sign up for service they 'judge' you by your payment history with mobile subscribers not your overall credit. Not sure if it's true though.
    06-20-10 08:51 AM
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    You can just add her to the account but you see still responsible for the account you signed the original contract they will add her no problen and then the discount will apply.

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    06-20-10 11:13 AM
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    You should be able to still get the discount if the account is in your name. I've had an account with Verizon since 1993. Two years ago my husband started working for a company that offers a discount. All we had to do was go to this page on Verizon's website, enter his work email address, and it was applied to my account. Give it a try.
    Enter your location
    06-20-10 12:54 PM
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    You only get the discount on the primary line of service. I have a corporate discount and it is only allowed on the primary. So it won't be good for your line of service, would only be good on your wife's number. On a family plan the secondary line is 9.99 Any corporate discount only covers one line of service and it is always the primary line
    06-20-10 01:34 PM
  10. NCOBX's Avatar
    The OP is correct .. the plan has to be in his wife's name to get the discount. Her id and/or email from work will be attached to the account. If that info doesn't match the name on the account the discount will be denied.
    06-20-10 09:49 PM