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    RIM's BIS network is suppose to great, and i guess it is.

    who has more "outtages" ? VZW or RIM ?

    I am VEHEMENTLY excited about getting a nexus one! i had the G1 and currently have the myTouch and thought i'de be getting the N1 with my tmobile account until yanno

    So, i was thinking, as a long time BB user... what would I be giving up besies BBM? (which i absolutely live for)

    I could argue that BB's are reliable and stable... but i've used Android and its pretty solid (and fun) and if it's email/internet is running solely off VZW's network... hows it any better/worse than RIM? no?

    im not asking anyone to convince me to stay with BB (8320,8820,8220,9530,9630,9550)(i don't need any convincing)

    i'm just wondering. i think the N1 is what i wanted the G1 to be (and i had NEVER been so excited about a phone as i was when the G1 was announced)

    is RIM's BIS network what solely carries the strong customer interest?

    do you think vzw/google will try to make the N1 LTE
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    RIM has more outages. You are giving up email push, but I hear android ain't too bad in particular with gmail accounts. (obviously)

    As for the PS it's tough to talk about an unannounced product, BUT it's extremely unlikely (approaching 0%) that the N1 will be an LTE device, and if it's not, LTE can most likely (again approaching 0%) not be added to it. Perhaps the N2? (or whatever they call it)
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