1. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    i was wondering if anyone knows if a VZW 9930/9850 will work on bell's cdma network? iam currently with bell in an area that only offers cdma1x and i rrrreeeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyy want an OS7 phone, seeing how bell never bought them and only the hspa ones i was hopeing i could buy a VZW one and have it work.
    08-25-11 08:36 AM
  2. MrObvious's Avatar
    I doubt it. You'd be better off getting a phone on another carrier and sticking with it.
    08-25-11 10:50 AM
  3. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    unfortunitly i cant as bell cdma is the only cell phone provider in my area
    08-25-11 11:02 AM
  4. MrObvious's Avatar
    Hmm sorry man I don't know what to tell you. I guess you could wait and see or maybe see if EDGE would work?
    08-25-11 02:09 PM