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    Anyone else in the metro area having issues tonight? From about 5 to 10 tonight I couldn't get any data access. I am just curious if it was just my phone or the network.

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    12-19-08 09:13 PM
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    Can't connect to Blackberry in Tampa (on VZW) either.

    Must be something up.. but I would have expected a larger number of posts by now if this was nationwide.

    Checking my service status, the connection to BIS and BES is down. It's been that way since about 9 PM EST.
    It appears others are experiencing the same thing: [Bb-Outage] Verizon/RIM Outage [Bb-Outage] Verizon/RIM Outage
    Anyone else not able to connect???
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    12-19-08 10:19 PM