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    Okay I got this Verizon curve 8330 off ebay. The seller said it was flashed to a different carrier but has a clear ESN with VZW. VZW activated the phone no problem, however all I have is the phone and text working. Data will not work and it has been 3 days of talking with VZW saying they have no idea and will not replace the phone even though i have insurance.

    In the manuel program settings one of the lines showed my phone number @homesprintpcs.com I changed to to read my number@vzw3g.com as said by another reply to one of my other posts.

    However no data still and no service books. Also the other line S something is missing all together from the programing list.

    Does anyone know how to get the data back alive on here.
    10-05-09 07:18 PM
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    Download and install Desktop manager and back up your phone( open DM and click backup, then Backup)

    i imagine you can download the latest official os BlackBerry® Software Updates is for person email BIS, not BES corporate) im assuming this is a personal BB

    follow the directions to get the proper OS for your 8330

    install the OS on your computer

    install BBSAK RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

    hope this helps

    connect BB via usb, open BBSAK and wipe device
    let it do its thing, you will get a white 507 error

    on your computer go to C:/programfiles/commonfiles/researchinmotion/apploader
    then click on the loader.exe (phone icon)

    after it loads and turns back on, open desktop manager and click back up and restore, then click restore, select the ipd file that is generally the date you backed it up, click yes on the pop up and let it do its thing

    after its done unplug usb, pull battery out of BB and put back in

    everything should be good to go from there
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    10-05-09 07:44 PM
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    That will wipe & reload the OS. It will not reflash the device back to VZW.

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    10-05-09 07:52 PM
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    That will wipe & reload the OS. It will not reflash the device back to VZW.

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    found this posted elsewhere on CB, might help

    it's fairly simple to do actually, all you need to do is look for "CDMA Workshop" or someone who does have the program that can flash for you. if you do it yourself you will need to get the PRL (perfered roaming list) for your carrier. that is available on the web, GOOGLE is your friend, also look at howardforums and that will help alot in the how-to on flashing phones for CDMA carriers.

    as for the flashing part it goes something like this......

    1. get CDMA workshop, install it. (yes you have to have a product key for it, $100) but worth it.

    2. connect phone, for this you need a data cable and the drivers installed on your system for it to work. once this is done open workshop and click on "port" and find your phone, for BB's it's under "RIM" on the port it shows if there are 2 of them then try them both. once it reads your phone you will see all the info on the left side of the program for your phone. look at the tabs and click on the security tab.

    3. in the security tab look for the "SPC" box, this is were you will need to input the 6 zeros if it's been unlocked already. once done click on the bullet for "SPC" and click send, message should read "PHONE UNLOCK" or something to that effect.

    4. now click on the "OTHER" tab and find the "PRL" box, in that area you should see drop downs for it, one should read "universal", leave it alone and then click on the "WRITE" bullet. look for your prl that your downloaded.

    5. click on the prl and then "OPEN", program will do the rest. after it has written to the phone, "X" out of the program it will ask you if you want to restart the phone, click yes.

    6. once phone reboots, and the phone's ESN is on your account, then you call dial *228+SEND and it will start the activation for your service provider.

    hope this helps.
    10-05-09 07:57 PM
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    Did you ever resolve this issue?
    10-22-13 07:59 PM
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    Did you ever resolve this issue?
    Uh kinda late there buddy.

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    10-22-13 08:03 PM