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    I love these comparison threads. They really are helpful. You see all sides of the issue.

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    Useless anecdote:

    One of the areas I travel to most is to my mom's house near Seattle, on Bainbdridge Island. She's on the southeastern tip in Winslow, closest to Seattle, about 10 miles away.

    Verizon has 1 tower on the island - right in the middle of it, and it's shadowed by hills so the signal in the Island's only real town doesn't reach it. Ironically, this is also where some of the wealthiest business people who work in Seattle actually live, and it's where the ferry dock is.

    But VZW phones can only see the towers in Seattle so the reception ranges from awful to non-existent. Lots of garbled audio and dropped calls. Works fine most everywhere else on the island though, just not in the main part of it.

    Ironically, many years ago ATT put their antennae on a municipal building's radio tower right in town so their service works perfectly! VZW has been trying to put a site up nearby but gets blocked by the residents who are scared of the "radiation" they put out. Idiots, but that's another topic.

    As for the broader issue of what carrier works better where, out here in the west a lot of that is caused by carriers getting exclusive contracts with very large landowners to let them put up one of their towers exclusively. This is the main reason why some carriers have holes in their coverage while others work fine in the same area.

    FWIW, here in LA, T-Mobile is famous for having the worst coverage of anybody...except where nobody else has coverage! Reason? They find the holes and put up sites there. What they've having trouble doing however, is getting sites up in areas which the others have covered. Competition and politics conspire again, even in urban areas. One example: UCLA is a HUGE campus. For years the northern half had virtually no cell reception because it's near the wealthy enclave of Bel Air. So, VZW approached the school and offered to put a site there to serve the student body. The only catch is that the school couldn't allow any other carrier to put any of their sites on campus, so if you got to UCLA, you better have Verizon!
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    Verizon has the best coverage inmy area, even out in the mountains. I would not hesitate to recomend Verizon to anyone. Also switching phones is pretty easy with the online ESN swap, I used in a half a dozen times last month before I settled on my Curve and it was easy. Just use the online app and do a *228 on the phone.
    09-08-08 09:03 AM
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    Yeah in southern cali it works great its funny once you get in the mountains but everyone has problems there.
    09-08-08 09:37 AM
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    If VZW adopts Alltel's MyCircle, I'll make the switch.

    I like TMO's myFave plan.

    They both cost the same for me.
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