1. dragon013's Avatar
    Wassup everyone! I have a problem using my Media Center on my BB Desktop with my BB Pearl?

    My desktop does tells me that is connected with my device, but when I go into my media center and try to browse my files of my device it gives this:

    "Upnp devices have been detected however this pc is not currently authorized to browse them. Please change the security settings on your device to authorize this pc."

    I don't know if my BlackBerry is connected to a BES or BIS server? If it's on BES, then it could be the IT Policy causing this...

    Other users have told me that I may need to go through your IT Manager to change settings.. but how do I change or who do I contact to get this change?
    03-27-08 04:52 PM
  2. jcj1's Avatar
    To see if on BES goto options, advanced options, service boos and see if you have desktop service books. If no than not on BES, if just 1 than also not on BES, also then make sure your desktop software is not installed with BES option, can tell by looking for email settings icon, if have this you may be on BES and best to check you features on account and what type emails you have setup
    03-27-08 06:17 PM
  3. dragon013's Avatar
    Thanks Jcj1,

    I looked at my service books and I don't see desktop serive books on there... so my BB is not on BES, now I just got to get home and check the email settings on the software.. I'll keep in touch and let you know once I have solve the problem..

    PS: I got my BB for a month now, and I am becoming adicted to it!
    03-27-08 06:35 PM