1. keperkey's Avatar
    I was eligible in December, but am waiting on Niagra. Will my NE2 time restart in May (or whenever I reup) or does it relate back to December?
    02-20-09 11:33 AM
  2. bkrasso's Avatar
    I am pretty sure it will be from when ever you sign the new 2 year agreement. If you dont sign a new 2 year until May then it will be 2 years from May.
    02-20-09 11:35 AM
  3. ok4a56's Avatar
    It starts on the day you activate the phone.

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    02-20-09 12:29 PM
  4. BlackBerry6803's Avatar
    Your NE2 will restart when you resign your next 2-year contract. So if you purchase the Niagara in May you can use your NE2 then and you will be able to use the NE2 again in 20 months from may. Or if you wait and purchase the Niagara in June, you can use your NE2 at that point and it will reset so you can use it again 20 months from that date in June.
    02-20-09 12:44 PM
  5. keperkey's Avatar
    That is what I assumed.

    Thanks to all.
    02-20-09 02:58 PM