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    I have a 9650. It originally had OS6 bundle 1741. I updated it to bundle 2333. The next day I decided to downgrade it back to bundle 1741 (long story, I think 2333 had some bugs). I downgraded it without a problem, except my (user)at.vzw.blackberry.net no longer appears in my BlackBerry. All of my e-mail folders disappeared when I downgraded. I easily got back my other folders (hotmail, etc) but the device won't accept my vzw.blackberry.net account. It would let me create a new account but I just want my device to get my old vzw.blackberry.net back. I know my vzw e-mail account is working, I just can't get its folder back on my BlackBerry. I appreciate any help.

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    08-14-11 10:28 AM
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    Hours later I realized this is more of an operating system question than a carrier question so I posted the question to the OS6 forum. Sorry about the clutter!

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    08-14-11 12:24 PM
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    Did you try service books and registering the host routing table in advanced options? Also did you do a battery pull? If you need help on how to do this, do a search here because this is an issue as old as Blackberry/RIM itself.
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    08-14-11 12:27 PM
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    Thanks, MisterObvious. Your mention of settings led me to the BlackBerry Internet Service page for Verizon. There I was able to get my Verizon e-mail account recognized as well as fix a few other problems and make sure my e-mail was synched up.

    Well, I think the main thing I learned was not to update the operating system's bundle unless there is a very, very good reason to do so! Updating the OS bundle seems to keep all the settings intact, but reverting to a previous bundle and getting everything to work gave me a few problems - so I think I'll keep it at OS 6 bundle 1741 and not mess with it again.
    08-14-11 05:49 PM
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    There you go. A good idea might be to see what leak or whatever everyone is running on the forums and generally that's a good stable option. I remember running earlier this year when I had my 9650. I actually liked that OS.
    08-16-11 02:43 AM