1. sweetnsourbkr's Avatar
    I wasn't sure what to search for, so I'm just posting.

    My wife and I received very good service at a local VZW store in Walnut Creek, CA, and it would be nice if each store had their own website with profiles for each CSR. That way if you're someone like us who'd like to thank someone for their service, we could thank them in writing by name.

    I looked at our receipts, but his name doesn't appear in any of our literature. Any other way of finding out who he was, short of actually going to the store?
    08-09-09 11:33 PM
  2. captainredbeardomalley's Avatar
    Do an NPS.....
    put in your MTN and respond positively (as you feel) to the survey, and it'll link to whomever helped you
    08-10-09 12:56 AM
  3. sweetnsourbkr's Avatar
    Thanks! I hope he gets it! We'll certainly let him know next time we stop by.
    08-10-09 01:12 AM
  4. Dr.Sadistic's Avatar
    Its so awesome to see people happy about their CSR. Doesn't matter the carrier, all anyone ever does is complain about something.
    08-10-09 02:45 AM
  5. tsweeney77's Avatar
    My CSR saved her name, email, and work phone in my BB. She was very professional and actually answers our messages on a timely basis. Score 1 for the Verizon CSR team.
    08-10-09 11:06 PM
  6. ahiggins2008's Avatar
    All i know is i had a very helpful CSR from a store and then a CS CSR help me out when switching from att to Verizon. i had orig gotten the env touch and my wife got the samsung glyde and we both hated these phones. and on day 31 of our plan we decided to get it taken care of well the store was tied by the fact it was day 31 but the csr was more thne helpful and got me to CS where they got it approved to get us BB 8330 for the swap and was more then happy to take more of our money but i love BB so im not complaining now if only that fedex truck would show up... i cant wait another day im going to snap.(i had had a curve and bold on att thats why the withdrawl is setting in)
    08-10-09 11:43 PM