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    I bought a Pink BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from Verizon last week. There was a problem with it and Verizon replaced it today (I didn't know until just now when I read on this forum that Pearl deletes messages and call logs when memory is low and apparently neither did the Verizon rep). I added my email accounts and Pearl seemed like she was working just fine, forwarding new email to the phone. After reading some ofthe forums I saw I could change the "theme" and did so.
    Not long after I changed the the theme to "BB Dimensions Icon" my messages and email inbox started to flood! In a matter of minutes the phone had filled up with hundreds of messages! And they are all old emails, some of them so old they are archived on my email.
    I changed the theme back to "Verizon" and deleted the emails/messages. It stopped. I tried the BB theme again and within minutes it started filling up again with old emails. I didn't even think BlackBerry "pushed" old emails.
    I switched back to the Verizon theme again, but now it won't stop. I'm hoping there is a simple option that was changed when I switched themes so I can change it back. Please help!
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    03-24-08 08:44 PM
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    ... after making sure you've gone into your inbox, selected "options>email reconcilliation" and, after making note of the option it's set to, change the "delete on" option to just read "handheld" I'd go to the oldest message you wish to keep on the device (say the first email from two Mondays ago, or whatever you're comfortable with) and, on the menu invoked by the menu button (eight dots) select "delete prior" while in the theme that's causing the problem.

    After doing this, switch to the theme that was not giving you issues and back again and see if the problem is solved.

    After that, be sure to go back into the "delete on" option and set it to whatever it was set to before.

    Hope this helps.
    03-25-08 12:57 PM