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    Okay, so I made the mistake of buying a Verizon XV6800 (Boo on Windows) and I'm anxiously awaiting the jump to the world of Blackberry. Verizon question: Is Verizon Wireless Sync compatible with BB or would I have to use Active Sync instead? And either way, what PIM solutions have worked best for you? I'm a HUGE Outlook fan and although I hate the productivity lags in Windows Mobile, I do need flawless synchronization to help control work and school. How good is the calendar on the BB?
    05-23-08 08:17 PM
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    Forget Verizon Wireless Sync. It blows. For WinMo ActiveSync is much better and covers both Exchange mailboxes and POP3/IMAP. In the Blackberry world you use BIS for Exchange/POP3 integration or BES for Exchange integration (in the MS world). If you have POP3 accounts just setup the account on the BIS setup on the BB. Then sync your contacts and calendar from Outlook with Desktop Manager (ActiveSync for BB basically).

    Oh and next time a little bit of reading would have given you all these answers, but since I'm in a good mood and would rather not have you come back here after you made mistakes, I decided to give you a heads up.

    BTW, when you install Desktop Manager, install it with Internet and NOT Enterprise.
    05-23-08 09:55 PM
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    No Star Trek picture tonight JRSCcivic98? You are feeling generous, aren't you?

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    05-23-08 10:04 PM
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    Oh boy thank god your in a good mood, come on man..... You know most people who jump on here don't know to immediately go and search, they will just post up and try and get help. they don't care what mood your in or what kind of day you have had..... IMO your trying to hard to be a Hard &^%% and it's getting old..... Yes you help a newbie out and hopefully that person will learn from it and browse for more info. but wouldn't a simple link to maybe the facts section be better then trying to intimidate them..... what is the point..... What they showed up at your party as a lost person and you give an answer them push on????? Come on buddy, your better then that..... I know where your coming from to a certain point.....

    I know for one if my first thread I would create and I was a newbie. And I got a response from you like and allot of your post this past week... I would have thanked you but also would have reconsidered sticking around here..... Not a good friendship attitude to have here. We are all trying to help each other out and talk cool talk.... but intimidating is not the way to go...

    I am not going to get into a argument match either but my self and others come here to have fun, not to deal with your frustrations.......

    It's getting old.....
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    05-23-08 10:06 PM
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    @ Saylor,

    I apologize for crashing your thread, but something had to be said. Hope you everything squared away.
    05-23-08 10:09 PM