1. evenflow76's Avatar
    hi, i am a Verizon customer using the Curve 8330 and am having problems with MMS messages getting to a friend with AT&T. We can SMS all day long with no problem until 9pm comes then there is a huge delay
    (seems to be when Verizon goes to off-peek). I can recieve MMS messages from her with no problem but she rarly recieves mine but if she does it may be a day or two later. I have called Verizon and all they could offer is issuing a trouble ticket and say its not on thier end becuase i am recieving.

    I have seen a few threads on here about sending an email to another phone as a text, but is there a way to get an MMS to an AT&T customer from my e-mail, or any other suggestions would be appreciated
    11-02-08 08:05 AM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    This is an ATT issue most likely. I would have your friend call ATT tech support and check from their end as well. If they show a good send from you, then it is not VZW. If VZW does issue a trouble ticket they investgate, but I bet it comes back that VZW is not the problem
    11-02-08 08:18 AM